Im always a ice cream lover and glad that i was invited to the Nestle LA CREAMERIA Re-launch party few days back at The Curve. However, Jessica wasnt able to attend this party with us ( me & babe Lumi) as she was having class on that day . AND me & Lumi purposely skipped our classes wtf i know i know, i feel guitly anyway >< 

Nestlé has launched their improved recipe and better packaging of LA CREMERIA 1.2L and we had the privilege to try it hehe....

LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline- Delicious pecan flavoured icecream with almond chunks and velvety swirls of chocolate sauce.

LA CREMERIA Vanilla Cashew Delight- Vanilla ice cream with generous chocolate chips, cashew nuts, and velvety chocolate sauce.

LA CREMERIA Chocolate Obsession- Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.

LA CREMERIA Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation- Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with heaps of peanuts and velvety chocolate hazelnut sauce.

LA CREMERIA Hazelnut Ganache Sensation- Crème Brulee flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and chocolate chips swirled in chocolate hazelnut sauce.

LA CREMERIA Strawberry Dream- Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream with lots of strawberry pieces.

picture with few bloggers .

my babe Lumi !!!! no, i prefer calling her Xin Wei ***

and i always look giant beside her and Jessica == both photos from Lumi

lets the introduction begins!

welcome our pretty MC~

ok la i am trying to make my post more interesting by adding those captions on pictures lollll


after that, we were brought outside to taste every single favor that available there. i did try all !!! and i miss them NOW ><

Tasting & Experiencing zone here !!!! anyone ??? hehe

For your information, La Cremeria 1.2L range is available at major hypermarket and supermarket nationwide.

Time to indulge ourselves with the the improved range of La Cremeria that comes with creamier texture. i personally love the Almond Pecan Preline favor =) tell me what do you think ??

yum yum~~~~~ 

met Bendan aka Kah Mon~

the super friendly Ashley !

there are more photos in Ash's camera yet i havent get from her. I would say she is friendly enough as a famous blogger and we talked for hours, even extra half and hour after the event ended LOLLLLL 

and now outfit sharing time!! 

Neon top from Shoploooh 
MBMJ tote
random pastel yellow pants
H&M platform 

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