Do you like to travel? Do you use roaming services when going on vacation? 

YES !!! I DO!! I love updating my Instagram/Facebook whenever i go (vain enough i know lollll)

i go crazy if i found that my line get barred %#^$&%@ 

And did u get the shock of your life from your Telco when u received your bill after coming back from your vacation? 

Well if you fit into any of the above criterias, you will love what DiGi is offering!

They are offering unlimited roaming via your mobile phone with a daily max cap from as low as Rm32/day. With 41 operators worldwide.


So now you are free to update your FB status, share your holiday pictures, searching general info about the place or even a nice cafes for an enjoyable afternoon tea. 

With the unlimited roaming, you can use Whatsapp/WeChat/Viber/Line/etc.  instead of sending SMS which will cost much more in the end of the day.

For your reference to demonstrate how much 1MB data is used:

- On average picture size of 60kb, user can upload 15 pictures with 1MB.

- On average about 1kb per msg, about 1000 messages can be sent/receive via Whatsapp for 1mb.

So why pay more when you can limit the maximum amount you need to pay each day??????

visit DiGi now for more information