Gonna be a short update sharing what i have done recently.

1. Went for my first experience of Brazilian Wax, read more here

outfit of that day : dungaree from Shoploooh  | long sleeve from Esprit  (bro's) | transparent bag from Jaspal | Black boots from Taiwan

2. Brought my two lil creatures for grooming !

Mango says HI!!! seldom take picture of Coffee because it is not photogenic lollll

3. Gathering with my secondary school friends
Most of us studying in different colleges/uni, and some of them studying in different states as well =( so it's so hard for us to meet each other !

4. Supported babe Jessica at the final of ViVi Muse Search 2013. 
Dont ask me why i quit , i will share with you soon!promise ******

She made it! Congratulation for winning yourself the Fashionista award =))))))

my first autumn look!

5. Attended Chloe's event and met new blogger friends !
hehehe gonna blog about it soon !