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[Sponsored post] Win 60 Vespas in 60 Days?

Sunday, 29 September 2013
As a citizen living in the busy city, Im pretty sure that most of us could not live without Internet! No doubt, more and more areas are being taken over by the Internet. I will really go crazy if i found that my usage of data has reached the limit OMGOSHHHHHH

 "one more photo havent upload to Instagram la!!"      
                               " i havent check in Facebook larrrr!!"
 "need to Whatapps my hippo!!!!"                   "aiya havent reply that email ==                             etc..........

No, this will not be a harassament to us anymore because DiGi is offering us unlimited Internet surfing and social messaging plans. In additon you can stand a chance to win a cool brand new Vespa to cruise around the town !

What's more??

DiGi is giving away 60 FREE Vespa in 60 days. Making thing clear, it means one vespa every day , OK??

What you have to do??
Subcribe to DiGi's Prepaid Mobile Internet plans .

How ?
Dial *116# to participate.

Keen to win??
The higher your Internet quota, the more entries and chances you will have to bring home a spanking new Vespa. So keep your subscription active and stand a chance to win a VESPA home!

Keep your subscription active and stand a chance to win every day!

For more , do visit:

My recent addiction- Rose De Chloé

Friday, 27 September 2013
Personally think that it is essential for every girl to have a bottle of perfume. Well, doesn't mean that we are smelly so we need it LOLLLLLL

Last few weeks , I was invited by The Lilac Box to the launching of Rose De Chloé at Maison Francaise. 

Like blush that enhances the cheeks, the bottle is enlaced with a blush PINK RIBBON.  

From the Eau de parfum, introduced in 2008 to L'eau de Chloé launched in 2012, the rose unveils it's various facets. Uninhibited and less precious than its predecessors, the Chloé rose has defined an olfactory territory with a unique personality. Airy, Luminous, Subtle, it inspires a new variation composed by perfumers Michel Almairac and Mylène Alran.

The new fragrane is an invitation to tenderness. The rose immediately exudes incredible freshness. It doesn't smell strong yet the rose scent is light, fresh and sweet.  "Boyfriend loves the smell"

We were then had a chance to wrap a bouquet of flower ourselves , no doubt assisted by a guru there.
And this was my very first time wrapping roses !

tadaaaaaaaaaa i done mine!!! nice or not ***** NICE!!! (i help you to answer loll)

behind scene HAHAHHAHA not easy carrying the bouquet and pose nicely OK ~~

Met new friends there ! ~ Amelie & Carolyn ~

FYI, the prices are as below :

Roses de Chloé EDT 30ml – RM198
de Chloé EDT 50ml – RM293

Roses de Chloé 
EDT 75ml – RM360

de Chloé Shower Gel 150ml – RM150

de Chloé Body Lotion 150ml – RM185

Roses de Chloé 
Deodorant 100ml – RM135

dress from Shoploooh  . new stock is added , visit them !

[Sponsored post] ESCAPE ! NO, i never ask you to run away ~~

Friday, 20 September 2013
Im now escaping myself from the busy city in Sabah. You would really have no idea why i flew all the way here lollllll!! It's kinda boring here you knowwwwww ><

Fortunately i dicovered an apps called ESCAPE, Celcom's latest apps, which is something like your personal dvd rental store, where you can either subscribe to one of their package and for RM25 you get yourself 30-day access to all of their movie collection. Ranging from movie to series, they even have k-drama though I am not a fan of it.

You can enjoy some entertaining movies via Mobile & PC !

If you want to keep your commitment low, Escape allow you to pay as you watch, where they charge you RM6 per movie this give you 2 days of access to movie, or you can even watch movie on the go for as low as 80cents per hour. Though I feel that their package is much more worthwhiel especially you are a movie buff who watches a lot of movie all the time like me =))))))))

Escape also comes with mobile application, they are available on both Android and iOS so you will never have to stop watching the movie you love.

visit ESC now and register an account for FREE!

Downtown by Calvin Klein, latest fragrance for women.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Last week was invited to Calvin Klein latest fragrance, Downtown, launching with other bloggers.

guess what? the first thing we were asked to do was to fill up this board!

i was too shy to tell everybody what i actually think of myself , now i tell you in my blog : I'm LAZY | STUBBORN | VAIN | & more .....................................  lollllllllll

errrr....i look stupidly short here @@

spot the bottle of drink?? was drinking pink lemonade which i really love and drank for 3 bottles? hmmmmm

dang dang ~~~ the latest fragrance of CK for women ! 

My previous perception towards CK products was : For men for men for men !!!
I was quite surprise when i got to sniff it and realized that my perception was WRONG >< It smells good ! i love the light scent~ i would definitely match it with my jeans OR boyish outfit! 

DOWNTOWN balances feminine woods and a soft, flora scent to create a confident , modern fragrance with a unique signature & an unexpected edge.

Rooney Mara, Too-cool-for-school actress, has wrapped her latest role as the face of this fragrance ! She is way too gorgeous OMG

It will be available in stores in 18 September 2013 which is today . 
Prices of EDT are as below:

We played a game there and everybody went fast like olympic runner******* just to get correct answers. 

too bad i didnt win myself the limited edition box of fragrances ~~
another funny scene i took hehe

seriously i wish to have all of them, i mean the pink lemonade because i love sour food & drink=)))))))) 

photo grabbed from Carolyn (blue cardigan pretty girl ), and i met new friends there- Chency & Amelie ! 

 outfit of that day , all old apparels matching in different way =) 

IPL underarm hair removal [ Part 1]

Monday, 16 September 2013
Attended a pool party with my babes yesterday. I always enjoy my precious time with
them hehehe they know my everything .... almost i guess hahahahHAHHHAH

we even chat about "hair" ! of course we often discuss on Lumi's colorful hair but..... but also armpit hair LOLLLLL not sure you girls are the same ??

yup, my topic today is ----- Underarm hair!

Not sure everyone here heard about IPL ?? It stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

It produces a precise beam of light energy, selectively targeting pigment in hair the follicles. The light coverts to heat, which in turn causes thermal damage to the follicle and permanently destroys the hair. The heat also disables the cells responsible for new hair growth.

I had done few sessions of IPL last year where i bought a Rm199 voucher from a website. They offered me 6 sessions. After the first treatment, they asked me to sign package in order (which costs Rm1200) to have the whole treatment  They tried to persuade me saying that 6 sessions wouldnt be enough for me as i have many hair == ok la i know wtf!! 

Each session i only got 6 shots of the IPL light, i do not know how they considered it as one session?? A way to cheat customers to sign up package?? Marketing i know @@ AND! it only helped me to reduce 10% of my hair T.T

Im taking my IPL underarm hair removal treatment at Cherryco. I went to its branch --- My body Secret @ Damansara for my second session of treatment. Address is provided below.

Every girl i would say !!!! LOLLLLLLLL

For my opinion, we girls should not have any single hair on our body except our head , right?? I bet no one will ever find your underarm hair too sparse !!!!!

i love wearing sleeveless all the time due to the hot weather in Malaysia but i hate to tweeze my underarm hair. It hurts sometimes, and my eyes turn to cross-eyes in the end ==

imagine this happens to you >< too too too awkward i know !!!!!!!!

so far i have only done 2 sessions and now my underarm hair only left 50% there . Not everyone will be the same as me, it depends. Cherryco says normally we need 5-6 sessions to completely remove all hair. OK i will show you a clean underarm soon !! iamhappygirl

Cherryco is now having great deal for my readers and friends!!!

Why wasting your time to shave / tweeze / wax it??????? You can have a smooth and clean underarm anytime!!! This is really a great deal !

For more information, please visit their:

site :

Fb : Ch3rryco

Email them :

Wisma Laxton
No 9-G, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur 58100.
Contact number: 1-700-81-4838

My Body Secret
No 65, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact number: 03-6142 4898

[Sponsored post] DiGi roaming- Why pay more for your bill??

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Do you like to travel? Do you use roaming services when going on vacation? 

YES !!! I DO!! I love updating my Instagram/Facebook whenever i go (vain enough i know lollll)

i go crazy if i found that my line get barred %#^$&%@ 

And did u get the shock of your life from your Telco when u received your bill after coming back from your vacation? 

Well if you fit into any of the above criterias, you will love what DiGi is offering!

They are offering unlimited roaming via your mobile phone with a daily max cap from as low as Rm32/day. With 41 operators worldwide.


So now you are free to update your FB status, share your holiday pictures, searching general info about the place or even a nice cafes for an enjoyable afternoon tea. 

With the unlimited roaming, you can use Whatsapp/WeChat/Viber/Line/etc.  instead of sending SMS which will cost much more in the end of the day.

For your reference to demonstrate how much 1MB data is used:

- On average picture size of 60kb, user can upload 15 pictures with 1MB.

- On average about 1kb per msg, about 1000 messages can be sent/receive via Whatsapp for 1mb.

So why pay more when you can limit the maximum amount you need to pay each day??????

visit DiGi now for more information


Monday, 9 September 2013
Gonna be a short update sharing what i have done recently.

1. Went for my first experience of Brazilian Wax, read more here

outfit of that day : dungaree from Shoploooh  | long sleeve from Esprit  (bro's) | transparent bag from Jaspal | Black boots from Taiwan

2. Brought my two lil creatures for grooming !

Mango says HI!!! seldom take picture of Coffee because it is not photogenic lollll

3. Gathering with my secondary school friends
Most of us studying in different colleges/uni, and some of them studying in different states as well =( so it's so hard for us to meet each other !

4. Supported babe Jessica at the final of ViVi Muse Search 2013. 
Dont ask me why i quit , i will share with you soon!promise ******

She made it! Congratulation for winning yourself the Fashionista award =))))))

my first autumn look!

5. Attended Chloe's event and met new blogger friends !
hehehe gonna blog about it soon !