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Beatrice Tan

Hello readers , it's going to fall to midnight and i having block teaching tmr at 9.30am yet im blogging now !!!! Please love me more lollll

As a blogger who usually blogs about fashion, bag plays an important role in my outfit. I am a person who keep changing my apparels ,meaning i dont wear the same outfit twice in the same month , geddit?? i always try to prevent people from asking me : why you wear this cloth/dress/anything again a??? 

Not really sure everyone heard about Coplay bag from Taiwan???

- They have many fancy, unique, stylish designs where you can keep changing different bags everyday.

- They are all made in Taiwan under the highest technology & quality standards (achieved local MIT certification).

- Coplay prints are guaranteed to last for many years without fading and water & dirt resistant.
                                                                 (source from coplay.com.tw)

so i have been searching where to get it especially in Msia (you know it's impossible for us to get same price range if purchasing any product from oversea==)  and i found Cocobobo.

They are the only authorized distributor of Coplay in Malaysia, and originally imported from Taiwan selling at affordable price !

let's show you some of them!

i was struggling like some of you didnt sure which to get @@ and guess which i picked ??

dang dang dang~~~~~

It wrapped like this with reusable plastic bag !

this is my choice. feel like getting another design!

flora dress from cocobobo too!! they're also selling low price range of apparels . 

Recently love bringing this bag to college because it able to carry many things inside lollll!! pencil case + wallet + smartphone + cosmetic pouch + sunglasses + tumbler !!!

Playing with another simple black dress from them too.

For more choices of Coplay bag, do visit cocobo .

No , my post isnt end like this. Im giving away one flora dress as what i wore in picture above.

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2- Screen shot it and send to my email !  melissa-1010@hotmail.com

3. that's all!!

Im sorry for  keep asking for votes , i know it's annoying but i must try my best to get votes because voting makes up 20% of the ViVi Muse Search 2013 ><