So, bet most of you know im participating in ViVi Muse Search 2013.

and have you seen this profile picture?

my first thought of this picture was : OMFG how can i be so freaking ugly == seriously !!

i started sharing this and commenting how disappointed i felt.  then, people (including my family & friends) came towards and told me how ugly the make up , how bad was that hair .....etc

somehow i dont mind sharing this , because i did comment and complain. 

after all, what did i get? or what did i achieve?  getting richer $ ? getting prettier ? healthier ? NONE!   eventually i hate myself being unprofessional as a blogger.

Photographer did his job taking our photos, make up artist did her job dolling us , and hair stylists did theirs jobs styling our hair.

WAIT ! i missed few people . The ViVi team !

They did their jobs finding the best sponsors for this contest. They really put much effort on it , i could see.

Different people has different taste bud, the same goes to fashion sense.

That was my own fault perhaps my own figure didnt suitable for that make up. and also my own fault wearing singlet and posed like that which made myself looking fat ==

i shouldnt blame on other people. and NOT commenting how worst were they.

I should make up my own mind. Holding my tongue is always the best solution. I knew.

I sincerely apologize of what i did from A to Z. I will not delete those posts as they could remind me not to repeat the mistake twice. BUT im still thinking whether i will quit from this contest or not. No worries, the profile picture wasnt the obstacle.

Thank you babe Lumi for being so patient (i used to complain to her all my thought) .  Words couldnt express my appreciation to you , you know i love you.

another thing, saw what being circled?

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ok that was my own grammar mistake sending "biased on" instead of " biased againt" to ViVi. what i meant there was : i hate rich and handsome guy ==  sorry not all rich and handsome guys okay ><

the reason im sharing this out is because i dont want any misunderstanding from y'all if any of you read that page ><

i know i always be frank , i talk what i think and didnt think twice most of the time. I will correct it as soon as possible , i know i can do it!!

Good night =)