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Say YES to bikini , say NO to hair !

Sunday, 25 August 2013
hello readers, Monday is coming yet not turning it blue because i have something cool to share with you girls (ya GIRLS) lollll!!

i couldnt swim well and i dont swim often. but it doesnt mean that i dont love bikini ! i love bikini all the time =)))))) yea!

in my opinion, i should wear it as much as i could before i tend to have an "auntie's body shape" you know right!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAH im just afraid if one day i gained weight and no more 48kg for me >< cant imagine that T.T

however, i feel awkard when i keep noticing and worrying whether my "bikini hair" be seen or not ><  

lolllll  saw my edited "bikini hair" out there??? yerrrrrr annoying right ?

SO, what's my topic today ?? it's all about Brazilian wax.

What is Brazilian wax??
It removes all the unwanted hair from the bikini area and keeps it clean and smooth by applying an aesthetician spreads hot wax over the target area. Consequently, your hair grows back slower than it does , and it may even get sparser and finer with repeated treatments. It normally takes 30-40 minutes only.

i heard about Brazilian wax long time ago but i didnt have courage to try it as i thought it might be very painful== few days back which was Friday, i took the bull by its horns and had it done at Cherryco, Jalan Klang Lama.

i have illustrated a story behind why we girls are so shy to wear bikini.

Cherryco offers waxing services for face and body using specially imported wax from Australia and France, the best and least painful of its kind for the most tender and sensitive skin. They are also the first wax outlet in Malaysia to offer Vajazzle, a playful and glamorous body art that decorates the more intimate areas of your body with gorgeous, safe crystals and diamonds.
source from Cherryco

spot a lot of colorful candies ?? (photo from Cherryco)

Cherryco is using hard wax instead of strip wax for brazilian which gives you a faster + cleaner result.

To be honest, i was so shy when i got into the room. Ruby calmed me down by treating me candy !! ya candy , it's their tradition treating their customers candy before starting their brazilian. So you will feel more relax to continue the progress! RELAX !!

their yellow room (photo from Cherryco)

and me ready !!!!! 

After less than 40 minutes, i done my brazilian wax with a super satisfied face hehehehe!! It wasnt as pain as i expected !!!!!! i SWEAR !!! and i can wear bikini regardless of my bikini hair , bye bye bikini hair , i dont want to friend with you anymore OKKKKKKKKK

for your information, brazilian wax usually last between 3weeks to one month+. Ruby suggested me to go back after one month.

so say HI to bikini!!!

NOW Cherryco is having great promotion until 30/8/13 . So please hurry up before regreting yo!

Some additional information : Cherryco accepts installment (6 months | 12 months ) with minimum spend of Rm600 only !!! WHY NOT???

im not sure with the price of underarm waxing, do contact them for more. 

Location :
Wisma Laxton
No 9-G, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur 58100.
Contact number:

visit their site for more :

not hesitate to contact them through email :

Facebook :

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Monday, 19 August 2013
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my dream is about to come true because Xpax has got something for me !!!! what i have to do is just reload Rm10 twice in a day / Rm30 once !! There's a Rm10k watch giving away every day OMGGGG********

im going to stay tune for surprise day because i might win myself a Rm30k watch !!! if you want it too, pls watch out for the special day announcements!

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The babe girl turns 18 !

Saturday, 17 August 2013
Last Wednesday(7/8) was Jessica's birthday, but she couldnt make her day to celebrate with us because she had too many dates. (you know famous blogger's life is always busy lollllll) ehmmm she gonna kill me of this ><

So we postponed it to the next day which was Thursday. 

We planned to pay a visit to Komugi cafe first at Pavilion before having our dinner . BUT!!! we didnt realize it was public holiday @@It was crowded of people in Pavilion. 

sad case : Komugi was also crowded too =((((((((( T.T 

end up we randomly picked Dome and had a girls' chinwag session there!

can i just skip the Dome part ??? well, you must say YESSSSHHHHH haha

picture with my girls =)

and my love one !!!! love her faded hair color so muchieeeeee

and my stupid silly cute face?? hmmmmm 

make up of the day ! Kate's eyeshadow WT-1 , Kate's slim gel pencil BR-1, Topshop lipstick-Satorial ,i purposely blended it !! + Kanebo's transparent lipgloss.   long long time didnt put fake eyelashes , miss it =((((

with the birthday girl in my belly LOLLLLLL

our dinner was at El Cerdo. here their  location and contact number:

Address: 43&45 Changkat Bukit Bintang 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact number: +60 3-2145 0511

i had made reservation one week before it just to avoid "no table" for us lolllll !! 

This place is my favor Spanish restaurant so far, and i often come here with le bf because he loves the food here too =) just realized i didnt really blog about it before, how come!!

omg i look FAT==! FATTTTTTTT

you will be served by a complimentary bread once you made your order. sorry didnt take a clear photo for that. i was too hungry i guess==

Cold appertiser: Jamon Serrano 
- imported high quality Spanish Cured & Air Dried Ham served on rock melon and salad

Rm28 for half portion | Rm45 for full portion

my first expression was : ehmmmm....... yerrr...... errrrrrr ........raw meat????

ya!!!!! it really tastes GOOD!!! hehe

Moutain Paella : paella style rice with pork bacon, chicken and fresh mushroom.
Price is around Rm88 for 2-3 persons

somehow it didnt meet my expectation for a Rm88 rice larrrrrrrr...... diff people diff tast bud !

can i use this rather than spoon??

Main dishes : Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak
- marinated for 48 hours with the Finest Paprika, herbs, onions, garlic and mild dijon mustard.
Price is around Rm48

a must must try main dishes in El Cerdo!!!!!!!!!!! both my babe Jessica and babe Lumi love it !!! mad love !!!!!!!

Dessert : Werner's Special
- fresh strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate mousse and wild raspberry sauce
Price is around Rm20++

surprisingly i love it (i dont love eating raspberry all the time but it really tastes good!!) would like to order it again next time !

however it costed us Rm240++ for 3 persons. there was a big hole being burned in my wallet lollllll wish to know what we gave her as birthday gift? stay tune at her blog , guess she is going to blog about it ba! 

no love letter for her again as i have posted it in IG haha~~

spot the baby wet tissue ><

OOTD : polka dot crop form Topshop | american apparel inspired high waist jeans from The It Girl Online Boutique (i really love how it fits me!!!! long legs right??) | transparent bag from Jaspal (Thailand) | black sneaker heels from Zara (Thailand) 

One of my hobbies - DIY cards

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bet everyone here has your own hobby/hobbies right? My usual hobbies are shopping , eating and watching movie. Sorry not reading . Yes i hate reading any single long article no matter in Chinese or English, except ghost story. evil smile********** hehe

I had tried to make it as my part of life, but i failed == Apparetly this is one of the reason i dont write long blog post lolllll

what i mentioned above are usual hobbies, how about my actual hobby? I love DIY cards for my family and friends. 

Too bad i will only being motivated once in couple of months?? meaning i couldnt do it in every week/month, but when the motivation came and knocked my door , i could sit there for few hours just to make some cards. geddit? haha

Just becasue of babe Jessica's 18th, i decided to make her a birthday card. no doubt i have made some extra cards for my love. 

the top left one was for babe Lumi hehehehe~~~ hope she loves it !

the bottom one was for hippo. get some idea for valentine' day card???

and finally this was for babe Jessica~~

"group photo" lollllllll OPS  the one for hippo was missing here ><

ok just a short post for today, cant wait to update about babe Jess's birthday celebration!!

Fashion Diary #1

Thursday, 8 August 2013
This is my very first time sharing my fashion diary! i will continue doing this if the feedback is good , PLS IT MUST BE GOOD!!!

" Everyone can be fashionable, it depends how you carry out your own style. "

Dinner set from Shoploooh | mint clutch from Uglyduckling | white platform from H&M

Peace top from Aurora Boutique | black short from Sg wang (this only costs Rm30!!! wtf good quality you know!!!! | canvas from Nike

simple BW dress from H&M | mom's LV | white platform from H&M (must have in your shoes rack !!)

Supreme cap | mint knit top & Betty Denim Dungaree from Shoploooh | mom's 20 years bag from HK lollll

white single from Zara (good quality!) | houndstooth skirt from Just One & Only 

Zakupee simple tee from Zakupee only around Rm30! |  bottom from Topshop | black flat from Cotton On (bought it long long time ago at Rm30! hehe) | MBMJ tote bag

i tried all these colors and let hippo choose which he loves the most !  LOLLL

the simple grey!!

the neon young pink!!

the gorgeous BLACK!

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Dress from Shoploooh at Rm49 only ! available in grey, black and pink color!

and another way of wearing it !!! jumppp******

hope y'all like this post =)))))))))))