Not forget wishing Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all my Malay friends ! i have been waiting for this 'Puasa Month' because i really love their food such as kuih sagu , ketupat , satay ...etc !! ehemmmmm im hungry naooooooOOO==

This Ramadan, Xpax is giving you something special to look forward to every day. Stand a chance to win a Rm10k watch and stay tuned for surprise days to win a Rm30k watch!! I WANTTTTTTTT yelling********

Should get excited because you might able to flaunt the brand new Rm10k / Rm30k watch with your new Baju Kebaya or Baju Melayu this coming Raya yo!!

How ???? simple as this !

geddit??? easy right !! 

lastly, NOT FORGET to watch out for the special day announcements from Xpax as this Ramadan might be your best one ever! oh ya today they're giving out Oris watch OMG*********

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