wanna do a quick post and share my opinion towards Stylenanda 3CE products! guess most of you know this famous Korean brand right?

heard that there are more famous brands in Korean but no idea why Stylenanda is more well-known among Msia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong etc... WHY?? i dont know lollll 

if you're one of my followers in IG , you definitely know that previously i have purchased few 3CE cosmetic from Uglyduckling. no doubt i have tried on them and they really hit the spot and met my expectation !

today gonna show you how i play with the lip pigment which can be used on lips and also as a blusher !

face with make up but not blusher & lipstick!

ready for Mellow Pink !!

IM SO SHY TO POST THIS== because i dont have sexy lips wtf!! ok just wanna show you a closer view><

keen to purchase Stylenanda's products???? no worry, Uglyduckling is offering Pre-order for it and they are only selling ORIGINAL products as you know there are too much of counterfeit products out there! beware ok all my lovely readers !!

for more info, do visit https://www.facebook.com/uglyducklingcloset and contact them to make your order !