Went to Seventh Heaven @ Pavilion to attend a Kate Workshop last Sunday. It was happening at early 10am and i got to wake up at around 7am ~~~~~ you know right !

i did not drive myself there but was fetched by hippo and he had to wait me there for 2 hours until the workshop ended. hehehe so sweet of him always being my secret companion =))))))) 

i supposed reached there at 10am , but due to #noreasonwhyjam outside Pavilion plus it was raining cats and dogs, i was late to the event, feeling ashamed =(

however, babe Jessica purposely arrange a seat for me! ok la, you're so kind har~~~~~

with the babe Jessica by her Tr150.

Hirai san was transforming the model ! He is really intimate and explained to us step-by-step. 

we sat at the last roll , so yay we could see what other bloggers were doing LOLLLLLL maybe someone was digging her nose??? joke la hahahha

there was one mirror in front of each of us. 

To be open heart, i would say we were all chatting + busy taking photos behind LOLLLLL 
i was like: hey i wanna take picture with you / your hair so nice (special for babe Lumi) / your outfit very cute / why you so mafan (this is for babe Jessica  hahahah) ...etc 女生聚在一起真的会噢迈嘎@@

me with the young fashionista Joan & super cute Baoer =) dont you think you feel like pinching baoer's face??? 太可爱了~

le joan !

le super cute Bobo=)

we got to try lots of Kate's cosmetic!!!!! i was like: wah sibeh zui (mean too much in Hokkien)

Im always Kate's consumer and i have been using their products for almost 6 years yay!! personally love their eyebrow powder (using EX-4) , eyebrow mascara (using BR-1), lipgloss !! 

Kate Spring & Summer collection- Four Goldish eyeshadows , sold at RM59

i didnt use my camera to any single photo with babe Lumi =( and she hasnt send me our photos so no photo of us today >< 

there were some finger-food prepared for us too! how sweet of Kate=)))yummmmmm

picture with make up artist from Japan - Hirai san ! (eh do you notice my boobs look huge here ?? LOLLLLL fake one la ha ha ha ha )

simple outfit of that day : BW dress from H&M | white platform from H&M | mummy's LV 

 and also, doorgifts from Kate , dont jealous us hehehe
love the Slim Gel Pencil ( fine and suitable for beginner ! ps://  once you twisted it, you cant twisted it down )  

Whitening Gel (left top) which works as lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and moisturising makeup base (5 in 1 !!) . 

will review of them soon , perhaps on my instagram so dont hesitate to follow me there hehe =)

for more info, do visit 

website : http://www.kanebo-my.net/ - they show all their products there !

ps://just noticed i put the wrong date in few photos edited, it supposed to be 9.6.13 not 10.6.13