I do not think my writing is funky enough, as sometimes i think my posts are boring too =(

Even though im not a man of letters, but writing creatively is still an advantage for a blogger right? seriously, if all my posts were like essays form, would you really be interested to further reading???? 

" Great stories move you, they challenge your thoughts." said Nicholas,head of English Department of IACT college.

going back to the point, i attended a creative writing workshop organized by IACT College @ Jaya One, PJ. yup, with all my babes!

let us welcome the great Mr Nicholas! he didnt fail to make us laugh HAHAHA~ 

unfortunately i didnt fall to sleep that day LOLLL , i get nod easily listening to any speech . WOW it was an interesting workshop ,i would say! We had to move around to get some inspiration to write down our stories. 

YES, everyone has a story, it depends how you express it in words. 

We were asked to introduce ourselves and also using one objective to represent us. I was impressed that Jessica said: Im cute LOLLLLLLLLL never belief that she will admit it in front of so many people out there. WHY YOU NO SHAME DE???????? wtf

What about myself?? I am stubborn. but it always in front of bf only lollll. i always think that im right == this is bad i know.

in the second activity, we were asked to draw. so let me show you my drawing skill here wtf PLSDONTLAUGH......SO LOUD!!!

this is my superman!!!!!! muscular one can see or not?? 

ok my look of that day was abit SWAG! nah im not always sweet one hehe~~

with babe Jessica, Joan and dolly Baoer! who missing?? ya my babe LUMI!!

Why Lumi missing in most of the photos?? because she tagged along her pup there, and she dumped us !!!LOLLLLLL tao yan ni la ~~

a creative pen by IACT! 

We had the chance to visit some parts of their college.

finally babe Lumi is in !

the background known as green screen. mostly used for photography.

hate chuuuuuuu

this was in recording room. pretending like a professional but definitely failed like shitting ==

their library! a very comfortable place to study. 

i almost sleep there LOLLLLL 

took my #ootd there ! background just nice har!

peace top from Aurora Boutique  | stripe dress from BKK | white platform from H&M | Supreme cap (yup, i should get more caps instead of wearing the same one!) 

oh ya, not forget to tell you, IACT has over 35 years of experience in training & education, making them the specialist institute in creative communication!

Courses IACT college offers:
  • Advertising
  • Mas Communication
  • Broadcasting
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Multimedia

For more information, pls do visit

IACT's site : www.iact.edu.my 

IACT's fb: www.facebook.com/IACTCollege

IACT's twitter: twitter.com/IACTCollege