ya he asked me to blog about him, who ?? my 11 years friendship bff---- Desmond.

we have been knowing each other for 11 years since we were std 5 and now we're 21 (ok im reaching 21 soon !) time fliesssSSS , im getting older =((((

i found some photos of us, lets have a look on them lollll

i had super chubby face and Desmond ( the third from left) had super nerdy look OMG just laugh ><

left one was wuan chin (my bff since secondary sch) , me , and Des ! we were 16 in this photo ! all looked so innocent wtf

too bad i couldnt get back the photos of us when we were in primary school =((((((((

ok, share you something of us , listen, here the story:

he used to admire me since standard 5 or 6, he tried to grab my attention sometimes he did non-sense so i used to hate him as well lolllllll seriousllyyyyy he had been an annoying person to me!! 他是真的很惹人讨厌 slowly we officially became friend, then close friend..... no idea WHY ==

during our std 6 graduation day, he requested to take a picture with me personally but i rejected. guess what? he then asked another girl to join us because he knew that i will not ignore the girl (the girl was my bestie and i remember her name was Guan Yi). end up, he secretly asked the "photographer" just to take photo of me & him, WTF CHEATED== 年纪小小就那么会演,当他女朋友可要小心哈哈哈,快跑***************

we continued our secondary school life. he went to a private school in Genting and i went to a SMK. i thought we will never keep in touch since i didnt expect that he will become an important person to me. Surprisingly he called me by using his very "first Nokia mobile phone" during free time especially at night.  还真没料到他会用手提电话拨电给我哈哈 we talked about school life , friendship and relationship. day by day, we gradually became close friend. sorry our story is just too long and not ended yet (or maybe im long -winded@@ )

and now he is still one of the important persons to me.

was my birthday celebration last year.


saw him behind? this was our first trip i guess.....

common problem we usually face, people think we're couple because sometimes we will hang out tgt , yes just both of us !管他的,我们开心就好了=)

last Friday was his 21st birthday, and we had fun time at Beer Factory, Setia Walk. 
no doubt he drunk yet he still able to act cute with Gwiyomi poses== 

*photos below grabbed from his sister.

 wanna whack him that night because he made everyone felt disgusting with his poses lolll

with his girl~

i was so ugly killl meeee pLLSLSSSSSSSS !!!! bang wall ******

desmond, me , chun tek. i didnt wear color lens that day and stupidly matched my make up with red lips, errrrrr ugly wehhhhh ><

nah i told you he drunk! he kept kissing me in every picture we took wtf@@

guess i look better in iphone4s camera @@

this was taken in the next day during his house party(blurrrrr)~ all were my primary school friends except bf hippo, and one of them was my puppy love first boy friend LOLLLLLLL

with his youngest sister,LOVE this photo, too bad it was blur=(

the birthday boy !

 ok, buddy ,wish our friendship will be lasting forever !! love you XOXO

 ok good night all !!

outfit of that day:
top from BKK
striped skirt from The It Girl Online Boutique