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[Sponsored post] Heineken Green Room 2013

Sunday, 26 May 2013
Hello people , recalling the last time i joined Heineken's party, it was last December with babe Lumi =)  honestly i did enjoy even though i am not drinker. you may read it here if u have missed it.

This time Heineken Green Room returns to bring you an electric dose of the latest leading edge music and visual art with headliners "Drum" & "Dinosaurs" (should be The Drums and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) lolllll DRUM AND DINASAURS are easier to memorize?? )

The Drums

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) 

There are also our local heroes Twilight Actiongirl, The Deer Society & Darren Ashley.

Detail :
Date : 15 June 2013 
Time : 9pm onwards 
Venue : KL Live
Age Restriction: > 18 years only

Heineken Green Room Line Up
  • The Drums 
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) [DJ Set] 
  • Twilight Actiongirl
  • Deer Society 
  • Darren Ashley 

Recently, Heineken has inked a deal with Spotify, bf is their supporter haha!!

listen THIS

Ticket Prices:Pre-Sale: RM88
Available at all Rock Corner outlets from 10 May – 14 June 2013 Available online at from 10 May – 7 June 2013 

At the Door:  (not worry if you're not able to get earlier)RM108 Available at venue from 5PM on event day

For more info, do visit

again, remember to listen enjoy !!

Outing with babes @ Acme Bar and Coffee

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
i love food so much but i hate fat! i believe that i have gained some weight recently >< must announce here otherwise you will get shock if you met me in person -wtf why the melissa so fat one 胖死了胖死了

too bad i have two tiny and eat-all-the-time-but-gaining-zero-fat babes=(((((((((( haiz you know right? the feeling of shilly-shally whether to hate them of love them 有一个吃不肥的好朋友已经很痛苦,可是我有两个,妈呀@@ __________________      ok la just jokingggggg!!! i love them hehe~~~

oh yeah this was my first time visiting Acme Bar & Coffee (also known as ABC, sound cool right ! tell your friends :lets go ABC!!)  who are the two babes i mentioned?? guess most of you get it right ---- Miss Lumi & Miss Jessica (Nuffnang's blogger of the month of April hehehe)

and, they also love photobomb!

the second date with Jessica, she is really a sweet-smiling girl + fair & smooth skin she has! cute or not ??? =)))))) message to Jessica: dont complain you look ugly or what in this picture, because i love it har! 

we were quite hungry (ok la i was the most hungry one) so we rapidly ordered our meals. We ordered two breakfast meals for sharing , fortunately we could finish them! Lets see our food!

well this is Hot chocolate ordered by me=)))))) RM15.00~

 Acme's Breakfast club, Rm33.00~ non of us able to finish this personally so hmmm better share with your bf/gf /someone !

(ps:// red-in-color= what we chose)
You may choose for your own :

  • Bread (Rye, Sourdough, Wholemeal, Italian-Sun dried tomato)
  • Two organic eggs (Fried, Scrambled, Poached)
  • Meat (Own-made salted beef, Smoked turkey breast, Chicken sausage)
  • Two sides (Grilled tomato, Sauteed mushrooms, Baked beans, hash brown)

Coddled eggs around RM20++,  Organic eggs with spinach, Beef bacon wrapped snails, and Sourdough bread. i didn't try on this because i seldom eat or should be said i do not eat "half-boiled eggs" in this way lollll

babe Jessica !

half face of the exclusive babe Lumi ~~~

she says: THIS ONE NICE HAR, I WANT ALL, YOU ALL DONT EAT! lolllll ok my self-constructed caption=))))))

Jessica says: look at there look at there, nice ah nice ah ! wtf this is real one lo not edited conversation HAHAHHAHAHAH

THIS AUNTIE's FACE HAR!!!  my face when Jessica keep taking my photos and i say: woi, enough lo!

ok normal one!

photos of us by TR150.

lastly, our OOTD pictures here!

the anime babe - Galaxy collar dress + black sneakers

the fantasy babe (why this name because she is Kpop fans!) - math equation top + leather skirt. 

finally my turn!!! 

close up of the trendy silver heels ~

back view of the striped dress! love it =)

striped dress from TheItGirlOnline 
silver heels from ViVi Moda's House

ok tadaaaa..... going to practice for my presentation , bless me ><

VanityTrove - May Edition Review

Friday, 17 May 2013
Surprise gift box from Vanity Trove ! i love the feeling of "opening gift" because i didnt know what it filled by, excited level = X10000~~~

the first thing came into my mind was, WOW smell so good and aromatic. not sure why, perhaps due to the products inside or what .

you know what,you can definitely use the box as mini drawer for stationary, cosmetic, nail polishers, masks, etc...... the quality of box is unexpectedly satisfied me =))))) 盒子的确很硬,不是那种一压下去就扁掉的哟!

before disclosing what inside the box, i wanna share with you what extra given by them !

no doubt some brochures are given in the box for us to know more about the specific products.

1.Rm20 Discount Voucher of SkinLab
2.Complimentary 4 -in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy by Mary Chia
3. HiShop Rm25 cash voucher. 

let's discover what inside the box for this month!

1. SkinLab - Goatmilk soap Rm12 (single)

Can be used on your skin & body !
The ingredients sourced directly from the purest Australian Milk farm bleattttt, and it's ORGANIC ! no worry, smell sweet like candy ! kiss your skin **********

2. SkinLab - Fresh Goat's Milk Body Lotion Rm 59 (255ml) 

It is effective for treating dry + distressed skin conditions. So people who always surrounded by air-conditioner like me should have one! 

3. Heaven On Earth - Essential Oil (Lavender) Rm50 (5ml)

Not only promoting sleep, but also balance and tone skin , reduce anxiety减低忧虑 and aches酸痛掰掰, soothe insect bites & provide a relaxing and soothing inner calm.

4. Avene - Thermal Spring Water Rm19 (50ml) | Rm39 (150ml) | Rm55 (300ml)

This small bottle of Thermal Spring Water costs around Rm19.oo , but the vanityTrove' box just costs $25 per month! WOW~~~~~

This Thermal Spring Water is suitable for sensitive skin. Use it when necessary (before or after make up, or even no make up)

5. Schwarzkopf - Essensity Natural Shine Serum

Schwarzkopf is one of my favorite hair product brands. Even though some products are quite pricey for me, but the result proves everything .

This serum contains a combination of organic essences of Sesame (thinking of Lumi lolll) and Olive oils to improve the quality of hair texture for easy maintenance. bling bling hair want or not???

Instruction :Apply to damp hair before blow-drying .

The arrival of this VanityTrove box is just nice, because almost all of the products are suitable for travelers . Thus i dont have to bring my 500ml body lotion , 100ml cleanser, and huge bottle of hair serum to Cameron next week! 

cant wait to receive the VanityTrove box? Subscribe them at reasonable prices stated below, trust me , it definitely worths for the price !!! 

for more information, do visit their Website and also Fb page  !!

he asked me to blog about him !

Monday, 13 May 2013

ya he asked me to blog about him, who ?? my 11 years friendship bff---- Desmond.

we have been knowing each other for 11 years since we were std 5 and now we're 21 (ok im reaching 21 soon !) time fliesssSSS , im getting older =((((

i found some photos of us, lets have a look on them lollll

i had super chubby face and Desmond ( the third from left) had super nerdy look OMG just laugh ><

left one was wuan chin (my bff since secondary sch) , me , and Des ! we were 16 in this photo ! all looked so innocent wtf

too bad i couldnt get back the photos of us when we were in primary school =((((((((

ok, share you something of us , listen, here the story:

he used to admire me since standard 5 or 6, he tried to grab my attention sometimes he did non-sense so i used to hate him as well lolllllll seriousllyyyyy he had been an annoying person to me!! 他是真的很惹人讨厌 slowly we officially became friend, then close friend..... no idea WHY ==

during our std 6 graduation day, he requested to take a picture with me personally but i rejected. guess what? he then asked another girl to join us because he knew that i will not ignore the girl (the girl was my bestie and i remember her name was Guan Yi). end up, he secretly asked the "photographer" just to take photo of me & him, WTF CHEATED== 年纪小小就那么会演,当他女朋友可要小心哈哈哈,快跑***************

we continued our secondary school life. he went to a private school in Genting and i went to a SMK. i thought we will never keep in touch since i didnt expect that he will become an important person to me. Surprisingly he called me by using his very "first Nokia mobile phone" during free time especially at night.  还真没料到他会用手提电话拨电给我哈哈 we talked about school life , friendship and relationship. day by day, we gradually became close friend. sorry our story is just too long and not ended yet (or maybe im long -winded@@ )

and now he is still one of the important persons to me.

was my birthday celebration last year.


saw him behind? this was our first trip i guess.....

common problem we usually face, people think we're couple because sometimes we will hang out tgt , yes just both of us !管他的,我们开心就好了=)

last Friday was his 21st birthday, and we had fun time at Beer Factory, Setia Walk. 
no doubt he drunk yet he still able to act cute with Gwiyomi poses== 

*photos below grabbed from his sister.

 wanna whack him that night because he made everyone felt disgusting with his poses lolll

with his girl~

i was so ugly killl meeee pLLSLSSSSSSSS !!!! bang wall ******

desmond, me , chun tek. i didnt wear color lens that day and stupidly matched my make up with red lips, errrrrr ugly wehhhhh ><

nah i told you he drunk! he kept kissing me in every picture we took wtf@@

guess i look better in iphone4s camera @@

this was taken in the next day during his house party(blurrrrr)~ all were my primary school friends except bf hippo, and one of them was my puppy love first boy friend LOLLLLLLL

with his youngest sister,LOVE this photo, too bad it was blur=(

the birthday boy !

 ok, buddy ,wish our friendship will be lasting forever !! love you XOXO

 ok good night all !!

outfit of that day:
top from BKK
striped skirt from The It Girl Online Boutique