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hello readers, today gonna be skin care review post!

not sure all of you heard about Yadah or not, but i bet there are still some of you didnt know about it. wish my forecast is correct or else no one wants to continue reading>< 大家都听过Yadah这品牌吗??

Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc. that works in perfect harmony with the skin. The gentle yet effective formulas are 100% free from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and do not contain animal extracts of any kind.    source copied from Yadah

i got this sample set from hermo few weeks ago . 是拖了很久,可是就想观察效果如何啦~~~

my skin condition is always oily +sensitive+ clogged pores == sound terrible?? yes , it is!!! if i werent take care of it carefully or skipped any step, there will be breakout on my skin very soon @@ 很容易长粉刺留痘疤,咳你们明白吗T.T

the first sight and impression to Yadah was: hmmmmm girly decorated products , must be only attract young teenagers who love cute packaging , MUSTNOTBEME!!! i love cute things but not for skin care products. 都不爱买包装可爱的保养品,化妆品除外嘻嘻嘻(^_^)

but after reading few reviews from blogger friends, i started to have a good impression & interested to this range of products! 就是受朋友影响了哈哈~~

ps:// honestly i just tried the Anti-T series products which are Anti-T toner & Anti-T emulsion , and also brightening ampoule

after using them and observing for 2 weeks time, result can be seen on my face -----

  • less clogging pores
  • less breakout
  • skin not as oily as previous days 

 I SWEAR Im telling the truth!!! 老实说它没有立即的效果,可是用了1星期就可以看到可观的效果叻=))))))))) due to the products have no irritation to my skin, so i decided to purchase for the actual-size products!

left: Anti T Emulsion | right: Anti T Toner , if not mistaken they costs Rm59.90 each. (affordable right ?? ) 价钱蛮公道嘛~

my daily skin care routine : washing face > toner > emulsion > sun cream (very very simple steps for lazy person like me! not sure anyone is lazier than me here??? LOLLLL) 

Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ , costs around Rm40+++ 

easily absorb by my skin !! 很好吸收喔!

my comment: wanna say OMFG at first because it is suitable for my oily skin!!! it's non -oily, waterproof, non-sticky feeling at all!!没有油油粘粘的触感,而且还是防水耶! 所以也买了大支装 !the main point is, affordable price for me !!!!!!

Melissa1010 says ok to Yadah

you can get Yadah's products from hermo .

for more information, do visit Yadah's FB page  . thanks for reading har , so much of love********