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Most of the bloggers who attended this event have updated their blogs about it , IAMSOSLOW*****

by babe's Sony F3

okay, here's the story:

This Tuesday was invited by Careen Tan (careen, why we nv meet up that day T.T) to WeChat party at Neverland with babe Lumi. (and i tagged along bf hippo there AS OUR BODYGUARD LOLLLLLLL)

i had no idea what to wear and when i was decided to put on a dress, yet i found that i have only few pieces of "worn-dress" @@ 就是很少洋装=(

this is my outfit of that day>>>> (photo by babe's F3 too)

cross necklace - Diva | peplum top - H&M | legging - Topshop (love this very muchieeee) | black heels - MNG | royal blue heart-shaped bag - TheItGirlOnlineBoutique

random shoot! 

we met a lot of gorgeous bloggers there, however, we couldnt manage to take picture with everyone there LOLLLLL (anyone did that?? seriously????) 

the first thing we did was getting our instant printed photos at photobooth section ! cute cute har=))))本来好想多拍几张(厚脸皮==!)

The party started off with dancing performance. 

pic grabbed frm Lumi =)

WeChat Malaysia has launched their first Malay TVC featuring their brand ambassadors- Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam. Do add them in your WeChat har^^

photo grabbed from Karen.

Do watch their commercial launch's video here >

ok, back to photos sharing time !

grabbed picture againXX

babe Lumi in da house !

met Jane & Wilee at first so we took some photos + chinwag! 

the always gorgeous -Jane ~

the sweetie Wilee~

the self-obsessed blogger !!!lolllll 

everyone who received the goodies bag will find this soft toy in their bags! never expect it could be so fluffy *********** 软绵绵好好抱~~
ps:// heard that WeChat is giving out green + white  pillows in their FB 

they were playing a game (perhaps quiz) on the stage and guess what?? brought prizes home lo~~~ one of the prizes was IPAD! 

there were also performances by Vivian Chua, Henley Hii, Awi Rafael. (sorry for not taking more photos of them >< you know, i was busying with other thing ------- take photos with all babes) 女生在一起就忙着自拍XD

bendan, me , Lumi 

photo grabbed from fb , yup professional camera has better outcome><

i had pale looking lips that day wtf , FAILEDMAKEUP

met babe Karen too! she has been working out recently , and now her body shape is more nose-bleeding wtf iam not lesbian 她身材真的很好啦XD 

le cutest Chenellewen , omg can i kiss you??? 

of course of course !!! i never left out my hippo hehehhehehehe~~~  and his foreverexpression X.X

ok now gonna tell you about WeChat apps. 

  • It known as Weixin (微信)in China and rebranded as WeChat in April 2012. 

  • Supporting up to 17 languages ( English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Bahasa Malaysia) 

  • Now available on IOS, Android,Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone devices.

  • Support on WI-FI, 3G, 4G data networks.

What we can do with WeChat??

-voice message
-sending images/video
-group chatting
-exchanging contact info
-sharing location
-video chat

WeChat also supports social networking via shared steaming content feeds & location-based social plug-ins ( "Shake" , "Look Around" , "Drift Bottle" )

for download & more info, please visit or visit their FB

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