last Friday hang out with babe Lumi & Jessica (our new member) @Marmalade,Bangsar Village 2. This was the place i suggested to them(even though i didn't try the food before@@) because the environment was "tempted" me  (those photos i saw from net). It was decorated by pastel yellow + pastel blue!! WOW ILOVEIT=)))) 装潢都是女生爱的粉色耶!

however we didn't feel awkward to the new member because she is as mad as us (or can be said that her madness level is higher than us i think ,wink***)

almost all of the photos below are taken by Jessica's Casio TR150 =))))) mad love this camera , but i wish to get ZR1000 (as soon as possible plssssSS bless me!)

hello cutie pie!

ordered by Lumi and she able to finish it , how come tiny people can eat much than me and not gaining weight =(((((( 瘦子的权利就是吃不停@@

order by Jessica. She also finished her food . 

this was my lunch of the day (rmb that i had eaten some MCD nuggets so i was full ) ! 

Name: Portobello Top (grilled mushroom, tomatoes, beacon,cheese, etc. )
Price: RM15 (portion is small , perhaps you can order this as appetizer)
Comment: overall 6/10 considered oily, but i love the taste ! 蘑菇好香喔!

some photos before our project! the left one is Jessica, do visit her blog har

sorry babe you looked blur here LOLLLL

Don't you think Jessica looks cute? she looks cuter in real life!! 

no-idea post @@i look freaking ugly here==!

the "project" i mentioned above was recording a Gwiyomi video wtfff i used to hate this song and videos (because some videos are disgusting) 有些真的很恶心嘛(希望我们的不会哈哈!)BUT no idea why we did that lollllll BUT please don't hate me of doing that =((((( just for fun only har!

i knew nothing about the Gwiyomi as I'm not Kpop fans >< so i "googled" it before the day, and i started to regret when the moment i posed in front of mirror and Mango was starring at me oddly - i feel like retard@@ 

pretty babe! and now 12/4 is her birthday har! 

can't stop from taking pictures >< self-obesessed level:200%

my make up theme was cute so had to be CUTE !

we spent almost 3 hours for the video and NG for thousands times lollllllll 别人都把我们当怪物看吧@@
guess what? people surrounding were looking at us suspiciously wtf but we didn't care and enjoyed in our world hahahahahHAHHHHAHHA

OK click here to watch the part 1 video -

besides recording the video, we (me and jessica) had planned to surprise her (Lumi) by ordering some cupcakes from the cafe and singing birthday song for her in sudden. guess that we succeed! 小小惊喜希望她会喜欢啊~~

she must be wishing: i don't want black hair root, please grow pink hair !! wtfff 

ok advance present for her, mad love this bag ! if i have extra budget i will get one for myself =)

 and's the second video which i think it's full of joy =)))))))  should be harlem shake+ gwiyomi version @@  good night peep=)