Sunday afternoon always is the best hour for me to blog! do nothing, was editing photos for events and started to blog~  

this Friday was invited by Nuffnang to a SHARP event @Blu Med, The Garden. due to laziness + dangerous , i asked bf to fetch me there. i thought i was the earliest but i saw few bloggers (zhaoyu,cheesie,bobo) were there earlier than me (so puntual one!!)
make of the day (and also my favor eye make recently)

after a tiny time, Jessica and her blogger friend,Joan, arrived too. we all seated in the same row and started to chinwag LOLLLL (mother nature ) 女生一碰面就不得了哈哈~~

ps:// pic grabbed frm Jessica
With le cutie Jessica Chaw. She is much cuter in real person hahaaha and she is more talkative (must highlight this because she looks "quiet" in pictures) than I expected LOLLLLL friendly though hehe~~

with the korean-looking zhao yu. definitely looks like a korean har!!! but she is 100% pure Msian=) so pretty she is ~~ even my camera didnt want to focus one me , SAD*****

New blogger friend- Joan . she’s just 17 yeard old !!I had bad fashion sense when I was 17 LOLL now is better ba @@ 不要脸~~

The introduction of SHARP's latest Plasmacluster Ion Generator (also known as 离子群生器 in chinese) started at 3pm sharply by the representative of company. He explained how the generator works to us and why we need it. 

However, its all about chemistry (HO,H2O,O2,H+....etc) which i hate the most!! but he tried his best to explain in entertaining way to prevent us fall to sleep HAHAHA~~ 

If not mistaken, even Toyota & Nissan also bought this frm SHARP as automotive air conditioning. (certain cars )

now i summarize it to you, hey PLSDONFALLTOSLEEP (*_*)

Effectiveness of it

-Remove of Dust Mite Allergens

-Remove of Mold

-Reducing growth of Clinging Mold

-Supressing the activity of Airbone Microbes

-Supressing the activity of Airbone Viruses

-Removing stuborn odors (stupid smell go away!!)

BEST effects to me & girlssssSSS

 -Skin moisture!!

 -Skin elasticity!!!

 -Skin texture!!!!!!!


they also have Plasmacluster hair dryer which your hair will be softer comparing to normal hair dyer!! 
demo by number76 . hello blogger Jessying !!

after the demonstration, we had a short break and some finger-food being served for us.

as what i mentioned above, i met the famous fashion bloggers - Cheesie & BoBo . they're very pretty and friendly=) and BoBo is really superduper CUTE !!

We played a game where we had to decorate the generator as creative as we could. Judges will chose 3 or 4 out of 10 who have the most creative generators. 

Jessica went back earlier so she couldn’t join the contest. And ZhaoYu had no place to sit (since there were only 10 contestants allowed) so she helped me to snap some photos of the progress. 麻烦她了嘻嘻~~

Some items we were allowed to use but too bad I couldn’t get much of them as other contestants also needed.

Just wanna show you my zombie’s hand here!!! Wtf seriously like zombie@@ no idea why==

The clamminess of glue was bad, everything I pasted on the generator dropped in a while wtf *&⋯⋯$#&**

 I had no idea how I should decorate it, lack of creativeness =((((( so my work was like standard 3 student @@ PLSDONTLAUGH 我真的没有创作能力咳!

I actually drawn what woman & men craving for , forgotten to snap another side >< but never mind, was suck !!

I think mine was the ugliest among them !!!! they really put much effort and creative like designers har=) somehow, I still won myself the generator! WHY???? 

SHARP’s representative said we were all talented and didn’t know which to choose. Thus, generously announced that we were all the winners YEAHHHH!! My one so ugly so able to be winner =))))))))))) wink ******* dont jealous haha每个参赛者都拿走一台喔~~

Oh ya, the dresscode of the event was RED. I have no much red apparels , so this was my outfit of the day. 

This was inside everyone's goodie bag. Portable generator. It is beside my laptop right now!!! 

Can be seen that every bloggers enjoyed the event. Lastly, thank you Nuffnang & SHARP for this awesome organization !For more info about the Plasmacluster generator, do visit:

Leather backpack frm mummy. She bought it frm HK 10++ past years ago HOHOHO ~~ still good in condition har


Pale lip before applying lipstick ><

Ok that’s all~~ and thank you bf for waiting me so long =))))) love******