hmmmm CNY is ended just in the blink of an eye=( no more any paosS can be collected har! 

continuing from my CNY [part1 ] , today gonna share about my CNY again~~

Day 4- Chor 4

I woke up in the early morning because i had an outing with my babe Lumi yo! this was our first valentine's day celebration hahaha~~ as both of us gonna be busy on the actual day aheemmmm~ so we decided to celebrate it one day before the actual day =))))) 

we went to Levain @Kuala Lumpur for lunch, where i kept asking her to bring me there ( didnt try their food before ). 

address: No. 7, Jalan Delima 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.                                 
operating hours : Mon - Sun: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm                                                                
contact : 03-2142 6611                                                                                                                                          click for Location Map 

Valentine’s chocolate tart hehe

I have ordered a cup of hot chocolate too LOLLLL nah I told you I love chocolate the most har!

Le babe !!

Cheat of light har@@

Mine~ it costs around Rm20 and overall it tastes good !

Babe’s food ~ I can judge that it should be nice as she almost finished it LOL (portion kinda huge also la)

So sweet of her still bought me a gift >< yet I didn’t buy her anything , guilty****

Long sleeve demin – H&M
Necklace & bag- Taiwan
 Short- brands outlet (don’t think you able to see the print do check it through this post CNY [part1 ]  )

Me of the day ~ light make up (brows, concealer, blusher, lip-gloss) skin condition getting better & better and IMMA HAPPY GIRL yo=)))))))) working on !! 

Due to my stomach was full that day so I couldn’t manage to try their breads. Will do it in my next visit hehe~or any suggestion besides this ????

Day 5- Chor 5

As we know Chinese should know Chor 5 was also the valentine’s day of this year. Wanna know how I celebrated my day with my love?? read  THIS  

Day 6- Chor 6 
well skip my Chor 6 because i forgotten what i did that day @@ bang wall 

Day 7- Chor 7
it was a very simple day though~ i had family dinner @ Oriental Viva , Viva Home Shopping Mall. Before dinner, we went to auntie’s house to pay a visit and collect ang paosS as well haha~~  some photos of that day 

saw papa ?? reflected in the mirror LOLLL

Simple outfit on that day : CDG shirt bought frm TaiwanTopshop’s jeans 

With le younger sister. Seldom take pictures with her because we always fight with each other LOL serious one okay!!

Not sure why I showed these faces @@ perhaps of my brother’s expression wtf

He is now taller than me !!!

Accessories of the day from  JoVida Coolection   do visit them because quality & service are GOOD! 

Came with boxes and protected well =)))) RECOMMENDED!!