my CNY was kinda boring , my family didnt plan for it and we swear next year wouldnt be like this @@ gosh seriously i was begging people to invite me to their house for gambling wtf!! 年就是要哈!!!

Reunion dinner
since few years ago, our family preferred not cook at home and decided to have our reunion dinner at restaurant. it's more convenient for most of us especially grandma and mummy=)

we had our RD @Dynasty Dragon Seafood ,IOI Mall Puchong. i didnt bring my camera (currently lazy bringing my camera out>< ) so most of the photos are taken by sister's Sony Nex3. sorry didnt really take much photos caz imma shy in taking photos of myself in public ==!在大家面前自拍好尴尬喔@@

happy family hehe

hairstyle of the day, simply tied and rolled ! 2 mins done!!!!

love this dress so muchieeee =)))))

pearl necklace from Taiwan
pastel yellow dress from Lavishe their shop located at Kuchai Lama, nearby Paparich. 
belt from Allien
cluth- MAC's 2012 christmas set 
heels from offline blogshop 

Day 1 - Chor 1 
my chor 1 was quite simple. no doubt we went to grandma's house first to bai nian (a MUST-DO for chinese culture!) . we had vegetarian food as our brunch there too (doing the same thing every year har!). then, gambled with grandpa hoho~~ okok skip those boring stories har>< 你们快被闷惨了吧~~

nah i told you my chor 1 was simple and boring @@

forgotten to take picture of my chor 1's outfit  @@ fail blogger   
photo grabbed from The It Girl Online Boutique 

flora jumpsuit from The It Girl Online Boutique 

and recently is lazy to put on heavy make up, so eyeshadow+eyelinermascara
 will do ! sometimes even never apply mascara because of what?? LAZY LOOOOORRR =)))) 不要小看眼影和眼线的功力哈!

Day 2- Chor 2
my chor 2 was better than the previous day, still boring though>< 就是很闷 !went to grandma's house again then uncle's house(dad's friend) for gathering. hippo was with us too ! we had steamboat at Sunway Giza, but i forgotten the name of the steamboat restaurant sorry T.T waskinda pricey but the soup was BEST ! 真的好好喝喔!!

spot a gay one ????

obviously he wasnt concentrate =((( 

le photobomber! why bf forever this face expression one?? whack****

yummmmieeeeee~~hungry now wtf

 after dinner, we back to uncle's house for gambling ! 

we couldnt find a proper box of playing cards so grudgingly used this first before auntie get us a proper one! LOLLLLL very cute right?? 可爱惨了吧!!!!!

small group of gamblers before adult (i mean uncles aunties) joining us !

necklace from Taiwan
top from Topshop (but bf says is ugly@@ he has no fashion sense one !)
leopard print short frm Brands outlet
studs strap from Taiwan

Day 3-Chor 3 

parents werent in KL from chor3-chor6, so we refused to bai nian and collect ang pawsssSS =(
i woke up quite late since there was no any activity planned except watching movie. went to watch I love HK2013 , disappointed har=(

necklace from Diva
Top from H&M
stud bag frm Taiwan
legging frm cotton on
stud platform from China

ok gonna continue the rest soon ! started my degree life in new college today o(^_^)o
 hope i could be more socialize and meet more new friends hehe=)))))