dong donG doNG~~~~~ santa is coming to the town ! i am not going to anywhere to count down for  christmas this year, perhaps is old now LOL ==

 i have organized a private party for us girl bloggers simultaneously allowing us to have a gathering ! 

I had found nice place in Subang USJ23 (FB page: Boutel Loft) , they were willing to offer us the best price which was Rm199 (original was Rm800) . well, i paid. unfortunately the owner said we need to pay the original price + security fee in advance !!!!!! Rm1200 had to be paid in advance!!!!! my god why you nv tell me earlier!!!!! ok la maybe my fault did not ask also=(((  

therefore we decided to change to another venue. i required the owner to return the money to me within one week time, but he doesnt reply my msg at all@@ another irresponsible people i met recently >< why i SO UNLUCKY !!!!! 

suan ba suan ba, FED UP==

back to topic------- the private party

the party was at Bubba gump, Sunway pyramid. we were given a private room where we could do whatever we wanted yay!

yay gift boxes for all of us !! from

the three super cute girls who sitting in front of me !

there were supposed to be 10 bloggers in total , but end up babe Povy could not make it so 9 left.

 everyone seems so shy to talk and socialize . after some time, we started to move around and take photos with each others haha, you know right!! wtf

crazy cajun chicken-   the sauce kinda taste like cheesy wedges hoho LOVE!

my drink - Alabama sweet smoothie ( mix with peanut, choco, etc) not recommended ! 

small gift brought by Jennie !! so sweet of her! everyone got one neh =)))))

yay this is the sweetie jennie! pretty right hehe

even this "grassy cap" also brought by her for us to take photos !!!

Jane -the ang moh looking girl=) but she is pure chinese ehemmmm....jelly die!

the dolly wei wei ! 

the natural beauty - Vickybobo. she owns an online shop which selling fashion clothes , do support her

sexy Karen Kho, she has sexy body shape hehe so shy to say that ***

photo by Karen

photo by Karen

yay of course my babe Lumi  , love ********** notice her new hair color?

with the three "lovely flowers" hohoho

a very cute girl- chanwon, i love her attitude ! LOVE !!! 

well, after having dinner and taking photos, we still had two mille crepe cakes sponsored by VelvetyLayers

chocolate & cheese favor !yummMMM

i wish this was mine!! definitely i could finish it ! believe it or not ??

christmas decor on TOP! 

yay! this taken by the Nepal server who serves us the whole night there ! thumb up!!

since we had one extra gift so we decided to have a lucky draw section .

i got num. 3! the OPI crack nail polish =)))

the extra gift given by wonderbox! yum yummmm i am chocolate lover!!! nice box too right??

what inside the gift box! love the OPI crack nail polish =)))) interested to subscribe to them ? click here

group photo but wei wei was not there ><

alright, something for my readers hehe =))) if you're interested to have a try , do use this e-voucher for discount. (for whole cake) delivery is available too! want to know more about their cakes? do read my previous post HERE 

ps:// just have to save it and show in your phone .

ok going to bath now bye bye and merry christmas =)))))