hello readers! i just back from a blogger party and decided to blog about the Thirst party ! yay me and babe lumi got tickets from Nuffnang (thanks a bunch! ) but we both have no proper sense of direction to the venue so....ehemmmm bf was our driver of the day!! too bad he had to pay for it =(((((  

as i mentioned before, party=sexy (in my opinion >< ) so i was decided to match a corset with long pant! bf says he doesnt like it =(



the clearest photo taken by babe (secretly saying that she was a lil drunk hoho sHHH) 


me !! 

we reached there at about 11pm (we thought we were late)>< but there was still many people walking towards the entrance !
after half hour (if not mistaken ), babe's friends came and meet us ! too bad all guys no hot girls @@

bryan, lumi, me, XX, XX sorry!!!! i forgotten their names slap****

and let's our party begin LOL !!!

with drunk tard wink***

with the driver aka hippo bf 

put your hands up !!!!!!!!

photo bomber between us whack****

again !!

me of the day ^^
failed har><

babe was talking on phone with the "someone" ~~

hi cheerrrrssSSSS =))))))

the party supposed ended at 2am but we left earlier just tried to skip the crowd ! fortunately we managed to do that =) 

ok nothing much to blog except sharing photos , good night people gonna wake up at 6.30am later T.T kiss****