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Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Christmas is around and i was hunting for a online shop which able to deliver the gifts i chosen to girlfriends. all of a sudden, Hermo came into my mind! i read Jane lau's, Povy's blogs about them so i got slight idea about what they selling in their website.

So i decided to discover more on it^^ 

for your information, they are offering discounted authentic skin care products, masks, fragrance, hair care products!!! So now you can shop online without stepping out to retailing stores yay=))))

recently they are offering [ A Box With Full of Surprise! ] which you will be surprised by Hermo and not knowing what you will get !! It costs only Rm52.90 and you will be receiving exclusive brands such as Kose, Sexy look, Shills, Estee Lauder, Laneige ......etc

WOW ! this is the best gift for girl friends and those who are racking their brains for "christmas present exchange section" ~~~~~

these are some discounted items you can get from them NOW! wish to get the [Christmas Promo] Award Wining Mask Combination Christmas Box for myself , the packaging is so CUTE larrrr~~

besides offering discount products , they also offering best service!

* Flash shipping

* Buy 2 free shipping

* 100% original

* 14days returnable policy 

share you something i received from them------------- 

you may customize your own mask box by picking any masks you want from their sites as low as Rm3.20 each!!!!!  meaning just Rm32 for a box of mask (10 pc) =))))))))

these are my masks hoho !

ok first time showing my sexy face here LOL , hope it doesnt scare you , if yes sorry evil smile*******

grab whatever you want from them now! 

and visit their FB for latest deal announcement ! 

Dating & Dinner make up tutorial (English & Chinese version)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Remember these photos i posted in IG & FB? i got good responses of this look , teeeehhhhheeeeehohoho~ totally narcissism********

so i have planned for this make up tutorial since one week ago and finally i done taking photos of all the steps last Saturday ! i tried to write in English & Chinese in order to convenient most of you=))))  


these are what i usually need for heavy make up, you are not necessary to follow all: 

For face-


Rmb to mix the both foundation (if you were using two kinds of it ) and do not apply on your whole face area !! FOCUS on T-zone, cheeks ! 

 For eyes and shadow-

 For lip-

left out this cream so need to take it "individually">< (this is for eye)

well, this is how look after applying foundation + concealer + loose powder (bright light is the PS tool!) meaning i didnt PS all photos in this post at all! swear********

tips: try to use make up sponge rather than using brush or hand.

if you were accustomed to use hand, do pat on foundation like using moisturizing cream! (lightly!!) 

用手上粉底的美眉可以像上乳液的方式轻轻拍打直到服贴。 这样妆感更轻薄=)

Step 1: apply Canmake jewel star eyes cream !
           先上Canmake 的 眼影膏!

tips: try not to put on too much of smoke eye shadow, or else it make your eyes look smaller >< 
(depends on  everyone's make up skill though ) encouraging you to put more effort on eye liner part! 

小贴士: 浓烟大眼妆是漂亮,可是技巧拿捏没那么好就会==!! 建议把心思放在眼线上哦! 

Step 2: eyeliner ! keep it fine and clear, slightly rise up at the end of eyes , not much, just as shown in picture below =)
            眼线 !眼线要保持细和清楚, 化到眼尾时稍微上扬,不要拉到太长(切记!!)

Step 3: remember to enlarge your eyes by drawing eyeliner at the head of eyes (sorry i dont know what it called><) 

Something i forgotten to mention>< 
pls remember to fulfill the inner eyeliner too! it's so so SO important okay=)))

sorry if this photo is disgusting LOL

 Step 4: curler for??? of course eye lashes ><

Step 5: apply mascara 

Step 6: eyeliner is too light? do add on a layer by using eyeliner pencil or eyeliner liquid~

Step 7: stick on fake eye lashes ( do trim it according to your eyes' length)
            贴假睫毛, 先依照眼型修剪睫毛

this is how i look after these few steps! hehe nice not?? 

i know this is still not enough for you, so ...........

sharper nose now!!

Step 8: use eye brow powder for shadow! blend from the "brown colored part" as shown below 


sharper nose now! 

Step 9: apply blusher , blend it by finger (one enough!) personally love this blusher! waterproof perhaps=)
            上腮红, 用一根手指把腮红液慢慢晕染 ! 个人很喜欢这个腮红液,好耐嘻嘻=)

smile and find your cheeks LOL

Step 9: use concealer to cover the darkness or redness of lip (OK ignore my lip ==)


pale lip looking yay!!

Step 10: apply lipstick on the inner part of lip (not the whole lip OKAY!)

              把唇膏上在嘴唇内侧, 不是整个嘴唇!!

tips: it might be uneven color so use concealer to conceal it if necessary !

小贴士: 可能会有不均匀的颜色,可以用遮瑕再遮一遮!

 Step 11: lipgloss time! just MIDDLE part of lips! 

You may actually stop at this step or continue for bottom eyeliner

you will notice that i have worn color lens in photos below, is from Blincon (sorry i forgotten the name )

Step 12: draw fine eyeliner at the bottom of eyes (fulfill but not THICK!!) 

                下眼线也是细细就好, 把它填满可是不是填得厚厚的!

OK DONE!!!! like finally >< i used 3 hours for this post , dumb me =((((

wish this tutorial happen to be useful for you=))))) 

Fashion post

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

today gonna be a very short post about my outfit of last Saturday. I was dressing comely thought of waiting bf to come over my house and ask him for romantic dinner><

unfortunately, he wore a pair of slippers and super plain outfit== i was like: wtf how can you wearing like this? my dream of "romantic dinner" was evaporated!!!!! 

haizzzz.... ok my fault, because i didnt inform him to wear nicely ( i thought of giving him surprise @@) 

after that i stop making up (half way eyeliner) and simply curl my hair only >< 

end up, brother followed us for dinner @The Ship,Damansara.

so brother was the spotlight of the day yay!!

and......outfit of that day! see i told you i really dressed up up nicely right? found that i love HM so much><

Blazer from H&M
Petite from Topshop
Leather short frm H&M
Bag frm Charles&Keith
Stars necklace from H&M
Shoes from Sunway pyramid (bought it long time ago so not sure which shop)

[personal review] Sushi Tei

Sunday, 18 November 2012
为什么会放[personal review]?因为是我自己到访而不是被邀约或sponsor,

以后都会在标题注明是sponsor post还是自己推荐,大家不会有被骗的感觉哈哈



那天约了宝贝lumi吃午餐,所以今天博文就是食物的review~~ 减肥的朋友对不起了T.T


我们约了在Setia Walk的 Sushi Tei享用午餐,顺道聊聊心事(我们同病相怜==)

第一个感觉就是:怎么那么像Sushi Zanmai?? 的确,装潢摆设都十分相似(是不是同一个老板我不清楚)

两个人点了一样的午餐,这样一份才RM22++, 很大份我的确没把它吃完





我有另点了soft shell crab roll ,没那么理想==!   还有tuna inari是不错吃的!


necklace- H&M
white tee - Zara 
leather short- H&M (我个人很喜欢!!好有个性对吗?)
cluth- Miss Selfridge