p/s: not sure this is the most photos blog post or not LOL

quickly edit all the photos and blog now otherwise readers might hate me=( 
i was busying with my assignments past whole week and it made me so stress T.T 

sorry for keep you all waiting =(((((((

had a simple celebration with family and close "old" friends yesterday night.

first venue was Caffeinees,KL. 

i used to go there very often, but im disappointed of their service and food ytd night>< 
bf wasnt beside me due to he was sitting with his family beside this table haha

we booked the VIP room there but it's not worth to be called "VIP" room ! so i will recommend you to enjoy your meals at their normal seats~~~

i dont think i need to spell out from the beginning to the end since you prefer to see photos right?? indeed ! LOL

babes of secondary sch til now! 

and so sweet of them still brought me present=) 

bf's uncle aunties grandma and mummy angie~

the sei dai tin wong wtf! chris, desmond, marvelous and Roy

11 years love buddy !! and both of our mums named Jenniffer LOL

lovely sisters 

buddies from primary sch , so much of love************ 

the love one hehe 

accidentally shoot by someone XD marvelous was eyeing kc's dessert LOL

and we girls took some pictures in the toilet too 
flower band frm Diva, petite frm Topshop, white dress was an old dress which i wore for my 18th- birthday LOL (frm sunway)

just wanna say appreciate and thank you for those who attended ytd night for bf and my birthday dinner=) words couldnt describe my appreciation here T.T  and also those who couldnt make it!! heart knows=)

our second venue was Beer factory, Setia walk which nearby my house. 
parents and their friends joined us there 

but the place was too hot, perhaps crowded of people also =( all sweating like hell@@

personally love this hehe,maybe i look pretty here wtf

both silly sisters~

aunties gang  here!

buddies with parent! dad look so cute here haha

dad and mummy!!! 

specially thank you buddies for the little surprise hohoho , the first cake of this year 

and he was dancing Oppa there wtf !! i think he was drunk >< 

bro and sisters!

if you often read my blog, you will know him right? haha v are not couple XD

pretty aunties ....

handsome uncle gang !

stupid 520 pose and i gotta follow it wtf

they are like chopsticks hahaha , always stick tgt ><

with bf~

me of ytd =)

act cute PASSED!!



lastly thank you daddy for treating us beer for the whole ytd night! i love you

there are still lot of photos to be posted but i afraid you all will throw stones caz of eyes blurriness 

so far, i just got one present which is the one i shown you above . will share if i got more LOL

well, gotta sleep good nite !!