a very hardworking blogger, that's ME!! hehehe.......

i love shopping, especially apparel !! despite loving brands like Zara, Mango, Topshop, Miss Selfridge , Forever21...........  i do love online shopping too=) i bet many fashionistas are same like me wtf. 

recently found a new , a very new blogshop which is mostly selling "inspired" apparel ! 

it named In & Out Closet , founded on 2.9.12 ~

their clothes are selling fast as they dont have much quantities in every batch as they are still testing the market. so you may need to plc your order asap in order to avoid 'OUT OF STOCK' !

i got two dresses from their site which are Topshop inspired peplum skirt and ASOS simple black dress.

mint peplum dress, too bad it is sold now, but there are salmon pink, nude and black color left!

can you believe this is just Rm56??? 

ASOS inspired black dress

and this is only Rm49!  there are still salmon pink and cream color left, but the good news is, there might be restock-able for black and cream color! haha, so hurry up plc your order=)

reasonable price yet nice quality! 

so sweet of them because my readers are entitled to get offer of 10% in the total purchase in a single receipt. 

what you have to is, send along this passcode: Melissa X In&Out

do follow them in FB https://www.facebook.com/inandoutcloset for better communication , and 

also visit their blog ! http://inandoutcloset.blogspot.com/

batch 2 is now ready for grabbing !!!!