my look of last Saturday:


love this jumpsuits (frm Jaspal) , but it's a little bit loose for me, dont care i still love wearing it!! 

well, get back to my topic(show you my photos at first , make sure you will not get bored on what i type later hehe)

5 UK lads namely Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran have made the boyband------ The Wanted

if you like listening to english FM(even chinese FM too), bet that you listened their songs before, such as

Chasing the sun (have you watched Ice Age?? thn you will not feel strange to this song!)

Glad that you came (which is my favor^^) 

these two songs are from their second album which named Battleground! of course there are still other amazing songs like All time low, Satellite, Lightning, Heart Vacancy, and Gold forever in their second album.

so, the good news is,they are coming to Malaysia for their very first full-length concert here!!! how excited?? 

where?   Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon
when? 17th September 2012

XPax knows you want the tickets and they are giving out them FREE!!!!!

yes! you can catch The Wanted by just registering at and reloading Rm30. 

yup, not more than that, is only Rm30 then you can stand a chance to get TWO free Xpax Zone tickets worth RM900!

oh ya , you need to know that you’ll be up close to the stage, watching the boys ! touching them too??? hahaha positive ways la>< 

Step 1: register at (remember to reload Rm30!! btw 22/8 to 12/9) 

Step 2: type your personal details just as simple as this=) 

Step 3: click "submit & share" 

Step 4: Selected winners will receive an SMS on 14 September =) no worries, further instructions on how to redeem the tickets will be informed too! 

well, another good news exclusively for Xpax members!

you can get a 20% discount for the tickets to the concert!!! 20%!!!

let's say you decided to purchase a RM250 ticket, you will just have to pay Rm200 (save RM50!) if you're Xpax members~ 

So you better dont miss this chance to watch the top boybands' performances .

Hurry up, go to for more info!

You can also download The Wanted Call Me Tones, full songs or True Tones on The Cube, simply by logging on to 

or from a mobile phone, 


by dialing *888# from a Celcom mobile.

wish to know more about Xpax? go to

so see you guys on that day=)

and, i have finish editing my ulzzang make up video, will post it soon (nervous to show my face and voice><) are you waiting for it too?? hehe shy*****