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Bioré Body Powder Wipes- No more sticky!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
finally i have something to blog=)   it has been 2 weeks i did not update my blog as i had no any idea how to share my post in better and interesting way=((

no doubt, today i have something new to share which about BEAUTY ~

It is the KAO Bioré's latest product------Bioré Body Powder Wipes

wipes??? Isn't that for babies???? 

i couldn't wait  to try on it when i heard that it is Non-sticky! 

there are two variants, citrus fragrance and soap fragrance. 10pc each .

based on my own opinion, wipes=wet tissues, which they are usually sticky feel after wiping on any area of our body. 

so this is the very first wipes that i will be buying it again after i finish these two packs=)

well, you might be asking: why i need it? how to use? where to use?

Malaysia's weather is variable, and mostly we are under bright sun. bright sun= sweating !!

try to think of when you use tissues to wipe away ur perspiration after sweating, isnt ur skin is still sticky? yup! i often in that situation and feeling myself dirty><

so , this is sweating face lol lol lo ( tried my best )

i will suggest you to use for ur armpit, hands. legs, neck, face ( but not for sensitive skin as it contains alcohol as ingredient)  

the wipe is actually quite thick and large piece so you may tear it into 4 pieces, as i said it has 10pc per packet, so now it could be 10*4=40pc!! LOL this helps you to save more !haha

no worry, it smells GOOD! i love the fresh citrus one=)) lemon smell!

easy-to-use, small and can be carried anywhere! 

it still smells good haha><  kinda good in acting wtf!

one thing i must tell is, it leaves ur skin smooth and powdery , no LIE ! i swear!! and NO sticky feel at all!!!!! btw,  you can use it before or after make up .

despite how much i compliment it here, you better get one for yourself, or maybe two? then you will know im not cheating my readers haha

it is just costs Rm7.90!

Recommended cosmetics from me!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

i have received plenty of comments and messages asking me to share what or which cosmetics will be recommended by me to use, but every time i will only say give me some time, tiny time, to blog about it><

shit excuse excuse=( found that it's very easy to update this post except progression of PS photos==

i learnt make up (i mean learn it myself) since i was form 5, 3 years ago. until know i still not admitting im a PRO, because i know i could be prettier lol lol lol

but i have quite many cosmetics, even i present some of them to mummy (and i didnt use them b4><) 

i have discovered some "useful" cosmetics which i would like to share with u here~~

natural base (appro Rm130) and sponge (appro Rm30) from Shu Uemura
stick to this base for 3years and nv change any other brands. 

i couldnt say this is the best but it is really natural and brighten up your skin tone with natural effect!

for those who has flawless or normal skin, i would advice you jus apply this during daily make up=)

(2) Dior foundation which named flawless perfection ( if not mistaken or it has another name) appro Rm160++ , really forgotten how much><

this is strongly recommended for those who want natural skin like no make up=)))))))

it advantages those who has normal skin ( not much blemishes) , by covering pores and uneven dark skin tone. 

your skin might look a little bit unnaturally "fair" BUT after a tiny time like 10 mins, it leaves you natural flawless skin , YES!!  

advising you not to use fingers to apply, but sponge to give natural result, you may apply double layers if you think the first time has not much coverage, but pls PLS rmb focus on certain area is enough! if not, bu zi ran =((((

MAC pro longwear concealer has great coverage, if you dont want to use foundation, you may just apply it around T-zone area, covering obvious pores and blemishes.

but we must know that if it has great coverage then it should be dry-form, so you may mix some moisturizer~ 

appro Rm 100++ from MAC .

as knowledge, after applying foundation then loose powder's turn to ensure the make up is "hold" 

this Integrate mineral loose powder is which i asked babe Xin Wei to get for me when she went to Japan last year. i always love Japanese products love love love*******

not much to talk about this, one thing is, it leaves you natural glitter glow skin, jus little blink blink and the powder will not make your skin "heavy" .

not sure how much, mayb you may get from online blogshop or travel to taiwan(nearer compared to japan) to get it?? haha

i bet everyone need it especially who needs eyebrows all-the-time! do you ever curious about why some girls can put on makeup even they going to beach or sweat ? 

yes, this is the secret! ok lo maybe some girls already known this ><

Canmake eyebrow coat which apply after drawing your eyebrows as protection and waterproof!! WATERPROOF! 

and it is cheap as Rm30-40! can get from SASA ~

do I need to explain more on this?? i think everyone who knows make up should know about it! famous gel eyeliner from bobbi brown=))))))  it can be natural eyes, sexy eyes, big eyes or alien eyes?? wtf !

serious, serious, it is BEST for me!

but for pre-learners, you need to put more effort on practicing how to draw smoothly by using gel-form. work hard=)

the price is appro. Rm 100, i think so ( i bought it in BKK 900bath)

just too excited to share you about this!!!  i have shared you the right one last two weeks but now wish to tell you more hoho=)))

it dislike other lipsticks which "fade" as simple and need to apply again and again@@

once applying, i can drink eat or KISS?? wtf kidding *****

the right one is sexy red lips and the left one is sexy nude lips hahahaha

showing you Satorial outcome on my hand: the left one is just applying one time,the right one is twice of applying 

dont afraid that you need to apply much times to prevent color fading, dont worry ⋯⋯(^_-)

see! after wiping by tissue the color still there ^^

i swear, it's true!!! 

appro Rm46 each  where you can get from most Topshop. 

ok after hours, i finally done this post, going down to eat curry puff , bye and may leave me comment for any questions=)))))

Rm70 spending for food in Penang for 2 persons, how?

Thursday, 9 August 2012


我的标题说到用马币七十就能两人吃整天,是怎样? 那当然不要说高级餐厅,



早餐- Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng








哦!!!!好好吃哦********* 吞口水


可是这个mee goreng我打死都不要和他分享=)))



地点:Seng Lee cafe

         Jalan Burma(靠近Pulau Tikus)






in case有国外朋友或者不知道正确地点的人可以参考



地点: Jalan Penang (警察局对面的巷子)有两个档口都在卖,就看你要吃哪档了~


午餐-Asam Laksa










地点:Lorong Baru, Macalister road (靠近Sunway hotel)

价钱: 大约Rm2.00起







地点:旧关仔角 Esplanade


夜宵- 猪杂粥,幼米粉






地点: 和平茶餐室, Kampung Malabar

价钱:Rm7 (是小贵,可是你吃了就知道值得!)


还有还有,这里也有一档卤肉(Lobak) 很不错,必吃虾饼和芋头!

去了槟城3天,我两个晚上都去take away回酒店吃,超享受超肥!


orange pants: sg wang 6th floor
platform: sg wang 6th floor
sling bag: Promod