today i want to introduce you my new favor lipstick from Topshop.

formerly, i did not expect myself to look good in red lips because i tried mama's red lipstick and found that i looked so auntie on it shit==

later i just stick to nude pink or natural pink lipstick >< cry****

until i found my new love and new hope begins =)))))

this is not an advert, i just want to share with you about this lipstick , serious!!

it named Sartorial, and selling at cheap price Rm46 but the result on lips is !!!!! dont know how to describe@@

with Mango, she grows slightly bigger now, but still mini ><

make up of last Friday's party=))))))))) i think i look good in this because i got many feedbacks of this make up , will try to do a tutorial about this make up, give me some times pls

even no eyes make up also can apply it , hippo is just too in love with my red lips , he says is fresh and sexy !! haha

that day with babe xin wei

this is the back of my hair style , in case you cant see hahahaha

lastly, captured by camera, finally!!!