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break day !!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

well, i know it has been a week i did not update any interesting post in my blog, just feel guilty of it><

this week is my final exam week and i awfully working hard for it ,but im not sitting for any paper tmr so i manage to blog for my recent life =))))

last last Sunday was the very first outing of me and babe xin wei, never know that we can be so close as now. no idea where to go, so i suggested Sg Wang, just because both of us did not went there to shop for century>< hahahaha overstate lar~~~

btw, i love 6th floor of sg wang , few of shops there selling nice quality of fashion stuff~

i think she looks cute here but she says is ugly=(

we went for photostickers too>< this was my childhood favor, but now still love =) 

see our huge eyes >< the machine just automatically helped us enlarged our eyes, too big wtf@@

and thank you for babe Mango for accompanying me during my revision time
very cute fella

then, something crazy going to be shared here, which is my childhood photos>< 

hesitate for so long share or not share in my blog, no confident at all =(

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

is original size, so you could see clearly don worry , shit==  seriously look so Ah lian (except the flora dress's haha) i think that picture is nice 

and you know , last time i was so jealous of friends who wearing spec, so i was thinking how if i wore spec too, very yeng neh!! but now FULLY REGRET!!!!! T.T

okay, i know after this some close friend especially Desmond will try to spam my photo or wall>< he is such a bad guy !

enough of sacrificing myself , very ugly super duper ugly ><

one recent photo 

Pinky Red sexy lips??

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

today i want to introduce you my new favor lipstick from Topshop.

formerly, i did not expect myself to look good in red lips because i tried mama's red lipstick and found that i looked so auntie on it shit==

later i just stick to nude pink or natural pink lipstick >< cry****

until i found my new love and new hope begins =)))))

this is not an advert, i just want to share with you about this lipstick , serious!!

it named Sartorial, and selling at cheap price Rm46 but the result on lips is !!!!! dont know how to describe@@

with Mango, she grows slightly bigger now, but still mini ><

make up of last Friday's party=))))))))) i think i look good in this because i got many feedbacks of this make up , will try to do a tutorial about this make up, give me some times pls

even no eyes make up also can apply it , hippo is just too in love with my red lips , he says is fresh and sexy !! haha

that day with babe xin wei

this is the back of my hair style , in case you cant see hahahaha

lastly, captured by camera, finally!!! 

Mix & Match outfits for 7 DAYS (part two)

Monday, 23 July 2012
now gonna continue from previous post ~

Thursday- no idea what to wear? wearing the same skirt as Monday , matching with sexy transparent top=))

Friday- TGIF !! Kpop again wanna be=)))))  the skirt is match-able on most tops~~
 collar long sleeve is the key point of Kpop fashion (i think)><

Saturday- such a lovely day , so must hang out =) vacation? one day trip? or shopping? 

summer look!! try to tie up your hair to match with this maxi, maybe braids?? hmmmm

Flora Elastic Ruffles Long Dress (Green)
Retail: RM89
Online Purchase: RM79

Sunday- still in holiday mood? of course something sweeeettttt

Peterpan Collar Dress (Blue)Size: S / M
Retail: RM109
Online Purchase: RM99

well it's time to sleep >< good night everyone and again want to apologize for my PS skill , i know it's worst=(

Mix & Match outfits for 7 DAYS (part one)

Saturday, 21 July 2012
well, this gonna be a sponsor post which regarding mix and match outfits for one week. i wish this could help you in getting ideas for your daily look. 

**first i need to apologize for my PS skill, im in the progress of improving=((

Monday- must be something colouful to lighten up our 'blue Monday' !! 

Embroidery Shorter Length Top (Yellow)
Retail: RM89
Online Purchase: RM79

Elastic Waist Flare Skirt (Brown)
Retail: RM59
Online purchase: RM49

or maybe with something cute ??

Tuesday- elegant wanna be=)))))) Kpop fashion!!

Embroidery Shorter Length Top (Cream)
Retail: RM89
Online Purchase: RM79

Chiffon Asymmetrical Skirt (Brown)
Retail: RM79
Online Purchase: RM69

Wednesday- dating dinner look, classic looking ~~

not sure about the price, may copy my photo and ask for the price from LIKE

Thursday- casual sweet looking wanna be, collar is love=)

not sure about the price, may copy my photo and ask for the price from LIKE

any enquiry do contact LIKE , visit more through their FB

and, dont forget to show this e-voucher to get more discount=)

part two will be uploaded tmr, now is too tired of PS-ing>< good nite readers!

Why plastic surgery??

Monday, 16 July 2012
was blogging about NNBP 2012 ytd night but i felt bored and no idea to blog in attracting way>< shit!! so i will wait for more pictures from Nuffnang first before publishing my post.

today wanna discuss about plastic surgery. im so SO SO interesting on this topic, as a girl who trying to look prettier, indeed.

honestly i feel jealous on girls who did plastic , i use the word "jealous" ~~~~~~

whenever i saw any girl did plastic unnaturally i will just ps in my mind: ops, her plastic is failed==! look fake ! ( yes, true story of mine i admit it)

moreover i will discuss with friends LOL , if the girl did nicely then we will say: oh she look so natural , lets go korea!! 

but after numerous times of saying that i still not been korea yet wtf@@
wtf face!! 

So, why plastic??

1. of course to look prettier, abuden?

guys always attracted by beautiful girls and they dont even care if they are plastic or not, right? 

example like angelababy, ppl say that she done plastic but she interprets that she didnt, who cares? she is pretty in natural way~  not only her but also many of artists and models . 

2. be more confident

some girls might saying that: inner beauty is more important~ but try to ask yourself, if you have both inner and outer beauty, how do you feel? is it more confident?  dont lie dont lie~~~ 

yes confident! 

3. better relationship

if you have pretty face, ppl attracted by you, they wish to talk to you, make friends with you. so of course better relationship! attempting notice to social network like Fb, a pretty girl posted: im hungry.

then see what ppl comment and how many likes and shares she gets?? 

4. we are YOUNG

to ensuring not to regret when we are old or to be said overaged><  pretty face doesnt last forever but ordinary face last from being born to death! wtf so true you know!!!! at least we get to be gorgeous during life time mar~~~~

this is the face when you regret @@ 

5. better life 

this point is related to the third point which respecting relationship. if you have better relationship with every single person, you get more benefits, true story right?

 you have pretty face ( inner beauty still important though) , the first sight of people meeting you will leave him/her a good impression. day by day, this is easier for you to find your love one and who has stable financial status to give you better life. mother god i know many ppl will contra me ~~ 

but girls, he must be loving you so much if not you know what will happen

im not teaching you to be materialistic, but this is what we so-called LIFE~ choose what life you want to go through ~ think positively be mature no offense thank you=)

well, that's all what in my mind~ stop my typing here !hope you enjoy reading! again, no offense, just my own opinions ~

humiliation post

Friday, 13 July 2012

feeling guilty to my readers because i have not been updating my blog for almost a week=(( not much things to share and my instagram followers surely found that i posted my puppy's pictures more than mine lol@@

but i must share this with you guys.

the story began, i was invited to an event which held in Bedroom, Pavilion. i jio(invited) my friends there too.

the event started at 9.30pm but we reached at 11pm~ when we were stepping into it, a girl asked me: do you have guest list? i just answered : i'm under media.

she said ok and let me go in. 

ops, there was little amount of people there and we just picked a seat. 

the waiter presented us the menu, i was like: wtf why we still need to pay for drink???? normally for event, organiser will sponsor for F&B~

no doubt, we still ordered our drink. 

desmond, 11 years buddy love~~ you look so vampire here haha

hippo<3 he is ugly and fat 

seated for half hour and we felt so bored >< hippo asked: eh you sure there is an event or not? or you confuse the date?

oh ya, shit! the date macam is 13th of July la(today but im not going)~~ let me check my mail again!!!

oh GOSH! seriously i LOL that time and they were speechless== hahahahha

so sorry man! we wasted parking fee and time~

well, then we decided to change to Neverland.  paid parking fee first before entered and parked our car. 

everything asked and confirm to go in, the IC checking time!

wtf we forgotten that we are still under age(just one of my friends who is over 21) , below 21 is not allowed to go in !! 

oh my mother GOD@@ again , speechless!!!!

what to do in the next?? dolled up so nice and end up we went for lok lok==!!!
shit! very bad experience !

the only picture of all of us, blur somemore=(((

and my picture of the day.

Nuffnang Blogopolis

Sunday, 8 July 2012

this gonna be a simple update post. but please read it until the end thank Q=)))

as what i put for my title, yes im going to the blogopolis which will be the next sat(14-7-12).

the price for each ticket was RM300 but then it whopping 40% from the price given to RM180!! so it's WORTH!  who are you going to meet??  

XiaxueKenny Sia,  James Yeang from , Lim Chee Wah, Editor of TimeOutKL, and photography experts like Carlos Nizam. or maybe more??? 

listening and learning from them is such a rare chance right? 
for more info , you better check out

yes YES YES i want to be a successful blogger , do you?? thn hurry up ~~

actually i was invited by babe Xin Wei and i decided to purchase the ticket when she told me she has paid for it @@ i was like: OMG i have not submit my registration yet 

so i quickly register for it and paid in the very next day which was last Fri~~

so this is the ticket for blogopolis~

picture taken near Heritage house, top from LikeConcept . in case you haven read this post HERE

you may choose to bank in or people who is impatient like me, you may choose to COD at their office =)

before paying my BP ticket, i went to Pavilion and enjoyed the sales of La Senza ~~

vouchers from La Senza~~

me choosing which to buy ~~ erm erm

and last two picture before leaving ~~

have you LIKE?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

simple hair style~

seriously im super addicted to FASHION especially clothes but not accessories. i tell Hippo that if i addicted to it too perhaps i can apply for bankrupt lol==

no choice, as a fashion blogger this is my job to bring my readers more tips on fashion so myself need to discover it =)

well, today gonna introduce you a new retail store named- Like Concept, you can find it at 

Parkson, Pavilion KL
Parkson, Sungei Wang
Parkson, Sunway Pyramid
Parkson, Setia City Mall
Parkson, Gurney Plaza
Parkson, 1st Avenue
Parkson, Riverside Kuching

most of their clothes are designed in Korea, secretly saying that i love korean style even im not kpop fans@@ you will get to know that if you notice my update in instagram =)))))

i have only few trusted online blogshop(not more than five fingers) due to many of their real stock and quality are different from picture captured=(((( disappointed

Like concept has their own store and also online blogshop! this really convenience those who are lazy to step out ~~~ 
if you are not confident with their quality, you may go to their store to have a look first, then purchase online~

WHY purchase online??

because you could save MORE!!!!!

 who doesnt like discount and offer??????? NO ONE~~

for this flora dress im wearing here, you just have to pay Rm99 rather than retail price which is RM109~~

 you can still get 20% discount !!!!!!!! but something more CHIO!!!

if you are my readers, you just have post this to their wall or send it along with your order then you will get 30% in total payment hulalalalla~~ so GOOD neh!!

matching with demin jacket is also love=)

if you choose to visit their department stores, they are now having mega sales too ! you can get discount of up to 50%  ~~ buy buy buy~~  

face look so sharp here, just angle problem nahXD

so you! faster check out their FB to grab your favor =)

and wait for my next post which will be soon, it will be sharing how to match clothes for 7 days, means one week!! it will be based on melissa's style~~ 

favor picture of the day(because showing long legs), the orange shade is actually my hp's cover effect><

ok good night readers=)))