It's summer or i should say M'sia is in summer season all the time!!! that's why i always envy of those who live in oversea - western country, they are able to wear boots which people will think you're crazy wearing these outfit in M'sia@@ ,except in cold place like Genting and Cameron~

So, it's summer! again, bright your summer by playing with colors~~~~~~

bright highlight color or rainbow color is love and stand yourself out among people=)))))))

how great !

ytd went to Mid valley for shop and also for Pet fair( but end up we didnt have much time to Q for tickets so ><)

i just got my outfit the day before ytd at my fren's boutique~ will share with you once she updated.

black + yellow= Banana color??

bag frm Charles&Keith

lace short & SLY designed animals printed top frm my fren's boutique

the lace short is super short so......

my legs look duper huge like piggy OMG@@ 

going to have a mix and match tutorial soon, next week?? stay tune for it=)))))