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change your hair change your style at number76

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So, i made appointment with Yoshi @number76, Mid Valley for hair do. babe Xin Wei   msg me asking whether can we go there tgt as she also wanted to go there for treatment~

fortunately time allows us to meet and had our hair done there just now~ yea, just now!

i need to blog it as quick as i could b4 babe does it bcaz if she has blogged bout her hair thn no one wants to read my post t.t you know why?? bcaz her hair is too amazing! so im jealous ~ but i still love her much haha

i guess this is the first time Yoshi catchs sight of how talkative am I lol!!!!

lets picture do the talk as i dont have much ideas to think bout the story line ><

btw, i just touched up my hair color and trim it to be all same length~

playing stalk???????seriously i wanna say again, i love her hair!

chu chu <3 

he is trimming my fringe ~

what expression? Yoshi pls hide my big face .....

but my big face still conspicuous beside her wtf !

see how slim is she!!!! how can i not jealous of her? right??


i am ......

gosh! giant size!

so how is this hair style?? i gonna perm it soon~

if you want to ask bout my eyes make up, eye shadow eye gel liner will do~(lazy way==)

good night readers! 

La Senza

Saturday, 23 June 2012
this gonna be sexy post=)))))))) 

if you have subscribed my Facebook, then you will notice my status ytd regarding girls wearing ah ma's style lingeries. yes, i used to be like that but after getting coupled i just started to doll up myself from 'internal to external' XD

b4 that my mind was like: aiya no one can see la never mind one~~~~

but you should mind!!! try to imagine if a sexy girl walking toward you, thing turns terrible if you notice that she is actually wearing ah ma's style, loose loose nude color panty!!!!!! gosh!! 

picture from net ~

are you wearing these??? 

so no matter you having boy friend or not, you still need to beautify yourself ~ 

La Senza is one of my favor brand which selling outstanding lingeries.

checked out their Facebook and found that they are introducing their HOT STUFF cotton panties collection, where flirty meets comfort in a spectrum of juicy bright shades. JUICY BRIGHT SHADES!!!!!!

WOW i need this body shape!!!!!

i want all of them !!! 

they took colour inspiration from oh! sooo luscious jewel tone and spiked the collection with a dose of florescent yellow. The collection pops with neon lace( LACE!! very lovely and must have item in girl's wardrobe!) and floral prints( always needed!).

if you are not the fans of t-back, then you may try these !

something great which is La Senza having sales of 7 cotton panties for RM120. Promotional Period : June 18 – July 3, 2012.

La Senza Malaysia store listings:
The Gardens

Mid Valley
1 Utama
Sunway Pyramid
Empire Shopping Gallery
 Setia City Mall
Queensbay Mall (Penang)
The Spring (Kuching).

yup, many days left but make sure you grab them back before others. 

Bright your summer!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's summer or i should say M'sia is in summer season all the time!!! that's why i always envy of those who live in oversea - western country, they are able to wear boots which people will think you're crazy wearing these outfit in M'sia@@ ,except in cold place like Genting and Cameron~

So, it's summer! again, bright your summer by playing with colors~~~~~~

bright highlight color or rainbow color is love and stand yourself out among people=)))))))

how great !

ytd went to Mid valley for shop and also for Pet fair( but end up we didnt have much time to Q for tickets so ><)

i just got my outfit the day before ytd at my fren's boutique~ will share with you once she updated.

black + yellow= Banana color??

bag frm Charles&Keith

lace short & SLY designed animals printed top frm my fren's boutique

the lace short is super short so......

my legs look duper huge like piggy OMG@@ 

going to have a mix and match tutorial soon, next week?? stay tune for it=)))))

30% discount for birthday month

Wednesday, 13 June 2012




只要facial treatment超过Rm85 或 买产品超过Rm130, 就能使用哦!

如果你买产品超过Rm260, 就能有Rm30+Rm30=Rm60 的回扣了!很值得啦=)

可以重复用哦! 快拍下来啊~~~~

好素,除了放大瞳因为忘记把眼镜盒带出来>< 原来我有眉毛的@@


Cozie beauty house 现在有birthday month offer!!! 生日月消费能扣30%

凡是消费超过Rm150 不管是treatment还是产品, 只要消费Rm150> 就能有30%折扣了=)))


要booking的可以拨 :Esther 0193660818~ 


block E-2-26( above Amour), IOI boulevard,

Jln Kenari 6, Bdr Puchong Jaya,47170 Selangor.

little Mango!

Monday, 11 June 2012

this post is just all related to my new toy- Mango!!

i have no idea why we choose her this name~~but it sounds different from other puppies' names, so i like this differentiation =))))))

she is a tea cup poodle and has innocent cute looking ! she always shows her pitiful face so we dont even leave her alone heartlessly =( how can we???

yes mummy???

i just wanna take a nap~~

despite showing her innocent face, she likes to sleep around us, especially on our hands and legs=)))))

once she cant smell you, she will wake up and looks at you: mummy daddy where you going??


and now, she sleeps btw my legs while im blogging ~~ how sweet><

she is totally diff size frm my coffee as coffee is 3or4 times bigger than her ahahaha~ giant puppy

last picture, taken when i was shooting for my pre loved clothes~

how i gonna move??

last thing, have a look on my pre loved business>>>>here

and thanks for all your support !

again, Malacca day trip~

Thursday, 7 June 2012
it comes to Friday !! looking forward to a creature which i will be meeting it tmr >< seems so mysterious hahaha~~ you will know by tmr if you follow my instagram =)))))))))

again, Malacca day trip~ it supposes to be last week post but i kept delaying it><

it was a very short day trip as we didnt have enough of time=( so we had planned well before going there~

he was too concentrated on finding our first destination- chicken rice

something you must know, this is his father's car so nothing to be showed~ no offense no offense pls

my buddy Desmond introduces me a place for super duper cheap chicken rice, taste good too~

so, dont consider that the one in Jonker st. is the best even people always recommend it~

can you believe our breakfast just costed us Rm8.80????? now i tell you you must trust me nah~~

this is the shop~  

and here the address:
BB-376 Taman Melaka Baru,
Batu Berendam,
75350 Melaka.

must try if you go Malacca next time!! 

the next stop-  coconut shake klebang

when hippo(is actually what i call him, bcaz he is huge lol) told me this i was like: ermmmm it sound so not nice ><

after trying once then i feel like drinking the whole cup!!!! they mix vanilla ice cream in, and also original coconut~~  hmmmmmmm..... it would be best when u have it under hot sun~

people Q-ing there~ 

yes he is a diver thats why he has a huge body!

is really not bad, RECOMMEND!

our third stop was failed@@ we were decided to try nyonya food but the shop wasnt there anymore wtf

we had no choice so we simply picked a shop for lunch~ 

i must tell you our lunch was terrible , bad taste of food!! it is along jonker , selling ABC, curry noodles and asam laksa~ must NOT try!

despite having lunch, we still feel dissatisfied......

next stop was Nadeje ( well-known cake shop in Malacca)

unfortunately, it shift to opposite of Dataran which called Mahkota Parade. 

have you taken photo? pls be fast i just cant wait to eat=)

im going to eat u hoho!

you want to try? gosh i feel hungry@@

you are fat, why you still want to order more???

the last stop was satay celup

we were so bad luck, we finished our mille crepe cake at 4pm so we directly drove to Capitol for satay celup. the thing was, a board shown outside its shop: 今天休息 !!!!WHY!!!

no choice, we shift to BanLeeSiang~~ not satisfied on its hygiene >< if you search reviews, you will know why><

outfit of the day: lace top frm cotton on, fish tail shirt and heels frm Zalora

*something bad about Zalora want to complain here but not today~ will share in the next post~