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Le Ann summer preview

Thursday, 31 May 2012
the title is attractive but it exactly was just a normal show for distributors to take orders. WAIT, dont cross my page before reading it la~~~~

i dont know where to start off, erm...........ehem let it be my own outfit first ~~

first day outfit 

love the short which is frm MNG, top frm BKK super cheap like Rm15 hoho , heels frm MNG too~ i bought this heels becaz of the show OMG @@

you can actually see a bruise on my leg shit! so ugly !! and i need thinner legs pls

 every model one rack , walked for 3hours, tired but enjoy and learned!  i gonna shout out that money is hard to be earned ! work hard work hard~~

was having 10 mins break time, so self snapping time=))))))

no idea why my face so huge =(((((

very first day of working and last photo of the day~

yes can you see three pretty girls?? 

 first day was a little bit mess of the clothes so it took more time to complete the show , but the staffs were strived as much as they could, good job ya!

second day outfit-pastel color is love !!! must try!!!

basic tee frm Uniqlo, Skirt frm CottonOn, canvas shoes frm Nike , just DO IT! bcaz we are young=))))

ok i know this photo is nice and doesnt look like me, call me Ms angle noh~~

break time of second day and i was wearing the same top wtf@@

well, this is what Derella says- multitasking: taking photo,eating and instagraming! 

these two boards are all about our outfit ~ just to prevent matching wrongly 

didnt take much photos of last day show due to we were so excited hahahaha~~~ finally finally completed!! hooooraayyyy~~~ no more legs pain ~ ><

see what derella doing?? curi tulang !!!

i quite love this flower printed dress, copyright by Le Ann ~

the last photo of today! time to sleep, good nite and enjoy reading! love you all=))))
edited by meitu~~

Cozie beauty house

Sunday, 27 May 2012

with my puppy coffee

if you often read my posts, bet that you will know i having pimple scars problem on my face=(

i was founding ways to make them disappear as soon as my wish but using products is not the only way.

fortunately, i get sponsor from my beauty salon so i could save more than i expected=))))

as a blogger, i have to keep update and share any benefits with my readers. 

i have been here for facial since i was form 4, recalling how my skin that time was terrible ==!  

i had pimple scars problem also but worst than now. i used almost half year time to clear them off.

after having a baby skin, i didnt really take care of it until now( can you imagine i was so lazy to use make up remover and just use cleaner gosh@@), i found that having a good skin is much more important to have a good looking face! yup~~

what treatment i having now is scar treatment, it is effective for oily and pimples skin. the price is about Rm90. 

they have normal facial treatment too which just costs Rm49.00~~ 

the most important thing is, they wont keep "humbug-ing " you to purchase their products. 
from my previous experiences, those beauty salon like recommending you to buy buy buy, hate it==

this is my second time for treatment(once a week) and result can be seen =))))))) not lie-ing nah!! running machine is really efficient!!!!  

using their purifying lotion(good for blackheads) and lightening essence(good for scars love it). 

they located in IOI boulevard which is in Puchong. 

block E-2-26( above Amour), IOI boulevard, Jln Kenari 6, Bdr Puchong Jaya,47170 Selangor.

you may call them for inquiry and appointment, 03-80753929

just tell you are introduced by melissa, then you will get some benefit( you will know later) haha~~

one more thing,for those who is in birthday month can get 20% discount of any purchasing of products and treatments. for more info, just contact them dont be shy!

will show you the before and after soon! baby skin is back ⋯⋯(^_-)

Girly Apps

Thursday, 24 May 2012
previously i was using 3GS until most of the people have upgraded their hp to iphone 4, 4S or samsung~

i feel that im a such an outdated blogger=(((((((( how can i let it be happened ! no idea><

so a quick post also, rushing my assignment , or anyone wish to do for me lalala

what apps i have downloaded in my 4S are mostly photo editing apps, you know i like taking photos so much so they are need-able ><

just want to share with you a few girly apps, hope you will like it=)

(1) meitu 

i think most of you know this apps as this is so famous and well-known by everyone who love to make over their pictures=) adjusting light, smoothing skin, is applicable ~

(2) CollageDay

it doesnt have much bling bling stuff or stamps but some of its stamps are cool and stylish! depends on how you decorate =)


i found this apps when i was searching for CollageDay. this is quite japanese style as we can make our photos look like da tou tie (photo stickers which were my teenager-hood hahha) even im still teenager now! lol~  

the only thing is, it will automatically compress your photos , so better use its camera and not choosing frm gallery=(

(4) 樂画cute
i super duper love this apps, extremely cute gorgeous lovely......!!!! must have in your smartphone!!
work better thn SBY ~

here are the photos i edited by using these apps~  

ok continue my work ! tadaa=)

new shopping mall

Tuesday, 22 May 2012
super thx sun light as my ps tool=))

running for a quick post due to timing issue=( i have to get into bed on time , 8am class tmr>< how sad

did you hear about Setia City Mall, which is a new opening mall in Klang ??

i bet most of you know about it through fm , fly fm hahaha i listen to it every morning

this is the second time i been here, most of the shops are operating but a few are still under renovation like Zara!!!! omg i cant wait it to be opened!!

not crowded, and there are quite a lot of brands there , you may check their website just type setiacitymall

no caption for this , i just want to show you how a girl shops ~ we can just get rid of what happening around haha

i was too concentrate on deciding buy or not buy, ok snap snap snap 

and some photos of today outfit

top from Topshop, yellow jeans and shoes from blogshop, bag from charles&keith

ok done my very short post , thank you for reading ! good nite=)

mothers' day celebration

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
mother's day was just blink of an eye, and it's time to get ready for fathers' day><

my budget was so little , so little, what i bought was new launch essence from La belle for mummy=)

i hope she likes it! 

we had a simple celebration in a restaurant at IOI mall which nearby my house. 

actually i wore a gorgeous fish tail skirt but no one wished to help me take a single portrait wtf how bad!!

nvm , i will find a better photographer for myself hahaha no payment for that sorry=((((

my bro showing the balloon girl

bro again , he was like proposing to someone ><

my youngest sis, she was like: ah.... this photo not nice, delete!

popo at the back , looked so sad =(

popo hungered for food? lol

popo so cute, she kept asking me to delete these two photos, she said: not nice , i look ugly

popo, i love you, the memories with you will not forgotten by me(but i dont dare to tell her face to face and surely she wont read my blog wtf)

the woman who brings me to this wonderful world=)

yes mummy you know i really love you=))))  ops sorry dad for showing your tummy><

photos below are grabbed from my sister's nex3

dont you think i look cute here? hhhaha ok you may dislike me (but pls dont do that)

his bro and him look like mix, jealousssSS****

why i dont look like mix? mummy why???

well, dont look at my 3GS(i hate it very much now), i gonna change it very soon 

well, just simple updated and pls dont hate me of this =)) indeed you know i always love my readers !

have a nice day !

again, anyone looking for job? part time or full time beautician is needed! working place is in Puchong. 

Do contact me ! urgent and serious !

ash colour love

Sunday, 13 May 2012
trying to act like a doll wtf so hard!!

So, implement my promise by showing you my current hair colour.
it fades to be not so greenish and i super duper pretty love it !! 

never thought i could have a chance to have this kind of awesome colour on my hair. how intimate number76 is =)))))))) 

innocent face get punch!!

why i nv thought that? my hair is rude ,results ash colour hard to stay on it over 2 days t.t fade fade and fade to previous colour><

but no idea how Yoshi make it alive lol !!! he makes my hair alive?? hahhahha..... laughing ****

readers always ask me about my hair extension and feel like they are shy to contact number76.

dont be shy , they wont bite you lol. if you 'blush' to call them, you may just email them for any inquiry, i bet they will reply you=))))))

their service is worth much more than their prices! saying that matter you just want to have hair cut, hair dye, perming or treatment. so feel free to contact them ! 

prices stated in their web site~


here their address, you may choose to go mont kiara or midvalley 

number76 Mont' Kiara:
ADDRESS:E-0G-02, Block E, Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111
STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

number76 Mid Valley:
ADDRESS:A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley CIty, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662
STORE HOURS: 10:30 - 19:30 (Closed on Monday)

another thing,anyone looking for job? part time or full time beautician is needed! working place is in Puchong. 

Do contact me ! urgent and serious !

picture of the day~~ orangeous summer is love (*☻-☻*)

and and and!!! Hello kitty malaysia will be launched!!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
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