As we growing up day by day, it comes with fear. why? many things to be faced, to be solved.
some teens choose to escape it, act like nothing happened, enjoy their life first. 
yet some teens choose to face it as they know that more challenges come over them in the following days. 

if you ask me, which categories you fall in? i am the second one, i do answer=)

what challenges meant to me? all about money, behavior, family, relationship, work........

apart from all of them, another challenge is - TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER

i dont have criterion english , poor vocabulary, so i try to blog in english to approve it.

i dont have angel looking, so i make up doll up myself to have better look.

i dont have much readers, so i work hard for more sharing to attract even more people to read my blog.

this is my recent goal, seriously=)))))

attempting the best of myself to blog and share what i able to.

get more comments , suggestions no matter -ve or +ve .

i really appreciate it ⋯⋯(^_−)−☆

after reading all crap, is time to see photos lol

collar from BKK
look CHIO??? hhaahah very LC look i know><

mix and match 
bracelets-BKK, ring-BKK, watch- Mont Blanc, Wallet- Chanel

top-Topshop, skirt-BKK, shoes-BKK tooXD

enjoy your Sunday! bye=)