these are what we bought for one and half days. lets imagine how we carried them and walked and shopped har....( my partner bought 2kg of honey at the beginning, so ehem.....pity her)

i actually bought a travelling bag from Naraya to "load" some of them ( my two huge luggages werent enough to fulfill my requirement )

the previous post i have slightly explain how you could get to MBK by taking BTS.

today gonna share with you about my trip to other places like Platinum , Chatuchak

Platinum is like wholesale mall which mostly selling fashion clothes. you will be noticed on the boards where it shows you what is selling in each floor. no worry no worry

i was felt into headache in the half way of shop t.t then i told my partner i totally couldnt stand for it =((

the worst thing was, we got into wrong way to BTS station and walked for 15mins @@ imagine we were carrying all those heavy stuff har><

how sad?? i went back to hotel and took bathe , rest for 30 mins and shop again!!

traffic in the evening along the road.....i just want you to turn your head around hahahahah

that night we went back to the night market which i mentioned in the previous post , read here

and the very next day, we planned to go to a well-known market- Chatuchak market.
people walking towards the market

seriously we were lost inside as it is huge huge HUGE!! not really many cheap and fashion clothes, the main reason i dont like there is- hot hot HOT!!! i sweated everywhere , i tied my hair up already neh><

still, if you want air-condition environment , Platinum =))))))))))))

Platinum has two blocks,: the main , and zone 1&2.

much more things to shop in main building ~~ take note!

i went there for only 3days 2 nights =(((( not enough laaaaaaaaa!!!! shouting ******

suggest to have 5 days there bcaz many places i failed to visit t.t

at last, of course must buy some branded item for myself mar hahaha bcaz i worked so hard, exercised by climbing up and down the stairs >< if you often read my posts, surely you get to know that i seldom do exercise hor==

picture of today~ top from BKK 

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