implementing what i had promised ytd

seriously i am satisfied with this event except the admittance of the seat. 

am i complaining too much? maybe i am comparing this event to some official events i used to be

people who attended will know what i am talking about: the seats werent enough( ppl were standing behind) , careless decoration....

you might think of:  wtf you get invited but still complain this and that, i noe lol

as what i always say, this is my blog, i am telling the truth and review=)

i was quite pity with those who standing ( imagine if that were you??)

i must thank you for the person who taken these photos for me><

ok back to my part. Topshop show meaning i have to wear outfit from Topshop? it should be YES~

but i didnt, how shame==

most of my outfit were from MNG@@ i just too scared to wear the same outfit with another one wtf, this is a kind of humiliation( for me)

met many fashion 'topshoppers' there! everyone was in fashion look~

saw pretty Chuckei too but i was so shy to take photo with her wtf

after some songs, finally the show started!

Topman first ( not ladies first lol)

their faces so cool and i felt like making them laugh lol

all muscular though hehehe

then , Topshop turn~
i was too excited and focused on Spring Summer trend, less snapped photos=(

 too many ppl taking photos in front of the board behind me, so i was left out =(((

i wear Topshop sticking on my leg hohoho

that's all for ytd night, enjoy reading=)