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Topshop Topman SS12 Catwalk

Friday, 30 March 2012

implementing what i had promised ytd

seriously i am satisfied with this event except the admittance of the seat. 

am i complaining too much? maybe i am comparing this event to some official events i used to be

people who attended will know what i am talking about: the seats werent enough( ppl were standing behind) , careless decoration....

you might think of:  wtf you get invited but still complain this and that, i noe lol

as what i always say, this is my blog, i am telling the truth and review=)

i was quite pity with those who standing ( imagine if that were you??)

i must thank you for the person who taken these photos for me><

ok back to my part. Topshop show meaning i have to wear outfit from Topshop? it should be YES~

but i didnt, how shame==

most of my outfit were from MNG@@ i just too scared to wear the same outfit with another one wtf, this is a kind of humiliation( for me)

met many fashion 'topshoppers' there! everyone was in fashion look~

saw pretty Chuckei too but i was so shy to take photo with her wtf

after some songs, finally the show started!

Topman first ( not ladies first lol)

their faces so cool and i felt like making them laugh lol

all muscular though hehehe

then , Topshop turn~
i was too excited and focused on Spring Summer trend, less snapped photos=(

 too many ppl taking photos in front of the board behind me, so i was left out =(((

i wear Topshop sticking on my leg hohoho

that's all for ytd night, enjoy reading=)


i have to blog right? just back from Topshop Topman Spring Summer 2012 Catwalk Preview

but im very tired now, tmr going for another shooting rehearsal at mid valley=))))))

i know i will have fun there since i love photo shooting!!

just a little updated telling you my recent life>< bored though @@

promise to update about Topshop catwalk tmr okokok

dont forget to follow my blog and my instagram( you will get to know more about me there wtf) 

need to wash my face and remove the chemical on my face ( the first thing i reached home is blogging)

see how i love my reader =)))))

BMW new 3 series launching

Saturday, 24 March 2012
finally have something to blog=((((

my holiday is just ............. too bored><

no caption~~~

i dont know where to start, ahemmm just share with you about the new launching of BMW 3 series event which i attended ytd=)

it was awesome event (seriously BMW deserved it, comparing to another branded events)

Shino is one of them who in charged in this, so my pleasure to attend this event tears**** lol

erm i dont know which is what or what is which , i just know this is engine ,right?

 yes, the new 3 series, this is limited edition( if im not mistaken)

super high ISO photo>< 

not clear, not enough of lightening but i love it bcaz cant see my unconfident face hahahahahha

bloody unconfident with my look t.t , yes i swear i was so shy to look up ><

i have no much dress to wear, i mean sexy dress , since im not a club kaki , I AM NOT!!

no idea why people associate i love night life in the first sight they met me????

why i smile so BU ZI RAN? i was so so shy bcaz people were starring at me >< and no idea what pose is this @@

when can i drive a luxury car which owned by me harrrrrrrr, errrmmmmmm good ques! i must work hard=) 

another one~

my face was like: acting elegant and trying to be lan c ><

having drinks and snap !

 last one! 

Lend me your hands

Monday, 19 March 2012
money is important ,but health is more important .

i bet you know that, if you have unhealthy body then you couldnt enjoy your life even your are billionaire ~

today my post is not about fashion, my life , tutorials or any advert. im sharing something to you ,who live in this world , hoping that you could lend me your hands.

yes, this little boy whom is 8 years old and in the hospital right now.

why??? read more.....

copied from

According to divination done, he requires a Amitayus Buddha initiation. So yesterday our Tsem Ladrang staff went to hospital to set up as tormas need to be made and lots of preparations required was done. When all was ready I went to the hospital to confer initiation of Amitayus for this little boy. To speak  to the mother and offer some gentle advice.. The hospital provided a special room for us and we performed the initiation right next to Gabriel. It was an urgent situation and everything went well. May Little Gabriel get well soon.

his name is Gabriel, he has been in coma for 3 months( it's long due to you can do many things in 3 months) .

pls watch, you will find out more and my feeling.

what i want to say is, he deeply needs our support.

send your positive thoughts and support here

Do help to get the word out there as little Gabriel is fighting for his live and desperately needs everyone's full support , thank you very much.

love life

simple hair tutorial

Thursday, 15 March 2012

still rmb this photo? 

sometimes i am bored with my "lying-down" hair style,dont you??

 without a doubt, i will try to tie up in different styles

having my holiday nao, so i have plenty of time to do this and that, indeed!!!

* i want sharper nose and sharper face plsss..... shall go for plastic surgery , if i have money=))))

was trying to record a video tutorial by using my lappie, but it failed for two times(errors )

so what the meaning of having a "pro" in its name??  sigh==!

no choice, the only way is snap photos for the steps><

before that, snap some photos first lol

do curl your hair before styling it, at least a litlle bit wavy , sexy mar hahahaha

first (1) satu 

the first hair style is much suitable for long hair

what you have to do is separate your hair as what i done in this picture.(you will need to braid for it later)

the back part~

take some of your hair

use comb to scrape your hair( not sure this word-scrape is correct or not)
if not, pls correct me thx=)

this step help you to have fluffy hair (^O^)

ready to twist it 

twist and fix it with pins

after that, the turn of front part separated hair

braid them 

you dont have to use band to tie it but just use pin ~

 same thing to another side!

 yes, done!

 if you wish to be cuter and sweet, then you may add some accessories 

 where you can go with this hair style????

party? YES!
dinner? YES!
occasion? DEPENDs~~~~~
shopping? NO! it might be messy when you are trying clothes lol , unless you dont want to try =(

second (2) dua

the second style~

if you have shoulder length hair , then you are recommended to try this!

continue from the first hair style, now separate your hair into 3 parts(or mayb more)

 use rubber bands to tie each of them
 twist twist twist!

make it like a small bun

 then pin it! same action to the rest

ok done! see, simple and nice right???

 where you can go with this hair style????

party? YES!
dinner? YES!
occasion? YES!
shopping? NO! it might be messy when you are trying clothes lol , unless you dont want to try =(

hope you like it, and thanks for reading my post=)))

 two more things, follow my blog again , something went wrong with my gadget t.t

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