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photoshop tutorial(basic)

Sunday, 26 February 2012
hello readers, i have to tell you i dont have much current photos to share in this post due to my camera is not with me><

so bad quality of my 3310, why i called it 3310? i dropped it on floor for times and it still alive!

if not 3310, abuden?? hahahhahaha
pray that it risk of cancer and die, then i have an excuse to change a new one !

spot my cute bag?
nah this is the one which from topshop

watched movie- wedding diary ytd night

i dont feel like marrying also lol , but what i get to know is, you really need to spend a lot >< (luckily im not a guy! fuuuu)

did my hair myself by doing some braid, nice or not?

but it became messy after watching movie@@

as my article's title, im going to show you some basic PS skills and i believe you could learn in a tiny time, wink**

even i know most of ppl know about it, but i m sharing for those who not really clear about it 

well, show you a photo which haven't PS-ed , seriously didnt ps, this is one of the reason why i love gf2=)

pimple scars , if you enlarge ><

now, i want to remove pimple scars and mole on my face 

click the 7th icon( sorry i donnoe what it called==), then choose the "spot healing brush tool"

easy way now, place it on your pimple or scar which you hope them to disappear lol!

even mole hahahahahahhahahahahaha, but i dont think my mole is ugly, i just want to show you how powerful is photoshop !

after done, decided to smoothen my skin
so, just follow my picture below

i make the strength to 30%, depends on what level you want~

click ctrl+m to adjust the brightness

see the before and after, i know not really big differences caz i did make up, at least still some differences ==
yes, you may click to enlarge the photo!
next time share you how to slim down your face and sharpen nose hohoho

im not teaching you to cheat people lol

bb , hope you like it=)))

a big kiss to my camera!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

finally done my trip post and my daily life post turn! yeah~~~~

have been a night ghost for so long until my dark circle so obvious and ehem pimple scars surrounding  t.t........

i better listen to mummy and visit adonis@@ she tried their service last week, it brings good result though!

im not helping them to do an advert, i will tell you the result after i try it this week=)))))

 i must share with you'll about this>> nice outcome of my gf2 weeeeeeeeee laugh*****

colour edited by meitu 

i dont even have to PS  and sometimes just adjust the colour tone! how much time i save hoho

whatever, if i get to know another camera which brings out nicer effect than this, then i would change hahhaha( but not this year@@)

it seems like im going to use much money this year >< ya, i will spend more on my shopping tripsS!!

so, what to do? save money save money, or else anyone wish to sponsor me for any services or products which i often use ,contact me contact me,i will help you to blog about it(^_−)−☆ so i dont have to waste money hohohoho

 and this using retro effect of my camera! nice or not ????? 

day three in Koh Samui

Friday, 10 February 2012
yes im acting cute in this picture and i know my dark circles are so obvious =(((((sad*

cute top from uglyducklingcloset again! my waist looks thin , i like***

im a shopping lover so i dont think Koh Samui is an awesome place for me@@

in addition the weather there is super hot and i kept feel like eating ice cream and drink cold drinks==

see, dad took out his shirt showing his sexy tummy ,proving that it was really hot there!

the third day, we went to some places (i think we have visited all places in KS@@)

water fall again! i hate "climbing up" for so long just to have a look of the view so i gave up!hahaha

 this is just a small fall lol

with cute girl again, because i want to look cute also=)))

nothing to say about this hahahhahahahaha

kids' favorite! animal show t.t

even it was my childhood, but i hate it especially the smell gosh!

it wasted us like 6 hours on surrounding the island>< 

there was still time left when we reached our resort so we decided to swim as i bought my ROXY BIKINI lol ( i was like: i must show it , if not i dont know when i going to wear it again wtf )

eye looks twinkle twinkle  weeeee

brother trying to disturb the children><

my camera was out of battery so bad>< i cant take many photos of my bikini wear t.t 

ops so shy to show it, trying hard to have a nice body shape ><

 seriously im thinking, why girls say yes to bikini but not underwear??? hahahahhaa...... what your answer??

night dinner time!
we had our last dinner at the beach side, nice environment right?

they are so cuteeeeeeee><

little girls were busying to colour their kids menu =)

this is something like popiah, but not my favor=( weird for me

 tomyam gong............ sour and spicy= my love!

kids meal! 

time to say bye bye to KS yeah!

double eyelids look so plastic@@ but i swear it's real wtf, angle problem la!

no one sitting in front so we.........

and thats all for my KS trip!and now cant wait for my bkk shopping trip=))))))))))

day two of Koh Samui

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

continue my day one of Koh Samui trip~~~

before dinner we were actually had a walk along the beach ,big wave so we couldnt swim or else be "swept away"@@

saw sexy bikini girlssss wootsssss(jealous**)

seriously the colour tone of photos is just awesome! love my camera=)))))

can you feel???

day two!

woke up in the early morning 7.30am (malaysia ) which means 6.30am in Thailand!

i need to wake up earlier than my sisters because i often be the last who well prepared==

took photo while waiting aunties>< 

korean girl busy with the phone, and do you notice that she had put on her bikini ?? lol

 see this fat sister!

brother busying to log in his fb and dad was like: why those ladies havent come out???

first place-beach side

cute girls posing, i lose omg@@

 dad with uncle , dont you feel uncle looks like 谢贤?? hahahhhhhahah

 focus on me pls.....
why dont you focus me har???? stupid camera!

second place-Hinta&Hinyai(grandfather and grandmother rocks)

eyes popping?????????

credit to my brother who taken many photos for me in this trip^^ big so big lol wtf! 

next place-water fall

it is kinda dirty =( 

cute girl was having her watermelon!


 super yummy!!

 i want more!!!

dont steal mine!!!!

last round- temple! very hot weather so i quickly hid myself@@

last picture, cant see my eyes@@