have you bought new clothes for CNY?? yes i do, but NOT ENOUGH!!!

girl doesnt satisfy on the amount of her clothes=)))))))

anyway, i often receive comments from readers asking which online shop i preferred and always buy from~

thank you for noticing my outfit=) appreciate***  

i did buy RM20/pc shirt from online (last few years) , but the quality was so so unsatisfied ><

this is what chinese always say: peng yeh mou hou yeh@@

cheap in price and also cheap in quality( but not all cheap things as well)

after that i swear i wont buy clothes which are low-in-price, unless i could touch it before making purchase~~

rmb my last post last sentence? promise that i will share with you one of my favourite on9 shop=))

love my new hair style? read this http://melissa1010.blogspot.com/2012/01/hair-extension.html

new top get from uglyducklingcloset

that cute ribbon bow was my own add-on lol

see, cute packaging rite?? love*****

i get to know this shop due to my fren suetying is modeling for this shop, and derella too=)

they are so cute right ???^^

the very first item i purchased from uglyducking, i wearing it in this post http://melissa1010.blogspot.com/2011/10/291011.html

the quality is good enough! and of course worth of it=))))))


new stock coming in on Monday,16th of jan, so rmb to check them out ya!

pink shadow=) blush**