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day two of CNY

Tuesday, 31 January 2012
the second day of CNY, i woke up in the early morning like 8.00 am @@

bathed and doll up myself , i thought i would enjoy myself with my sisters and brother but it didnt=(((((

they decided to go to the theme park, bringing along my maid, i disagreed so end up i walked alone wtf

chubby sister!

twice, i thought i could shop and enjoy my time , BUT!!!! nightmare >< >< >< ><

i strolled strolled strolled at least two times up and down in the first world , nothing to shop!!!

and i was stopped myself from buying too much since i spent quite a lot for this cny==

i forced myself to buy something but there was zero item that i interested @@

is it nightmare??????????? for me, yes!YESSSSS

i had to wait them (including adult) for 3 hours+ time passed very slow like tortoise @@

finally dad called me and asked for gather! thx god! leave the terror plc! 

outfit :
collar: own decoration lol^^
pants: Topshop
bag:charles & keith
shoes: sunway

 cute sun glasses from cotton on and super cheap RM15@@

lastly, nah macam pro! hahahahahaha....... suppose to credit to my brother><

cant wait to blog about my koh samui post=)))))

first day of cny 2012

Monday, 30 January 2012

im back ! the first day of college after CNY=((((((

very sleepy, my alarm rang at 8.00am and i snoozed it

snoozed for 3+times and i found that it was 9.30! (my class is 10.00am@@)

ermm....what to do? continue sleeping and woke up at 10.30am then prepared myself for the next class heeeeeeeeee^^

nice bokeh and focus on my maid's body lol==

the first day of CNY which means "chu 1", went to Genting with my family and stayed overnight there

and it was my night mare , tell you why later><

mummy booked 1st World Hotel since Highlands Hotel had been fully booking=((((

the room just small and uncomfortable(it called deluxe room??) 

sisters~~~~~taken from my youngest sister's album><

after dropping down our luggage, we (me, sisters and brother) went down and walked walked walked

did nothing, so i suggested to chill at Starbucks lol

and, high calories food!omg@@ my face looked so enjoy~

freaking boring because i have not reach 21! (im not showing off lol)

i checked-in my plc in my private fb and found that my sweetie carine did the same thing too hahahaha

just blink of an eye, she  called me before i took out my hp and decided to do the same thing ><

affinity???? love love****

we met up and chit chat, then i waited her in my room ~~~~~ what? gambling laXD

yeah my sisters and brother=))))))))) 

act cute face? 

top: topshop
bottom: MNG
legging: topshop(i love it, not bright colour but attracted!) 
shoes: sunway

ok ~need to bai tian gong , see you!

reunion dinner and first day of cny

Friday, 27 January 2012
finally can back to resort and bath, now turn on my pc and blog!

i miss malaysia, the weather here is super HOT! i have to put on spf50 sun protector and hat (not enough though)

let's slightly talk about my reunion dinner~

we have been eating at restaurant for years since no one wishes to cook and clean ( my maid isnt that hardworking)

this year we had our dinner at Kam lun tai which located at sri petaling~ 


chak chak chak while waiting our food><

yeah my 3D nails, but few "diamond" dropped in the very next day lol!! it costs  rm90 for nail art oni@@ wtf

very naughty and handsome boy=)))
see few "lan dou yi" behind me!

the next day(first day of cny) we went to uncle's house after going to grandpa's house.

no idea what i laughing ?

say peaceeeeeeeeee

old people (i mean my parents and uncle auntie lol) were busying on their chit chat, then us? do nothing talking crap and took photos

blink of an eye, it was 3.00pm++ then we(my family) continue our steps to Genting ~

continue blogging tmr~ going out again=)))

i will be back soon!

Thursday, 26 January 2012
hello peep!!! Subang airport now=)))))

flying to Koh Samui later ~~~ bringing my lappie there so i could blog! i sure i will be boring since i dont enjoy the bright sun><

bikini -check!
sunglasses- check!
sun protector- check!
iphone- check!

see my sun glasses? i love it so much (from marc jacob^^) 

ok i need to end my post now! i will miss you guys, kiss******

a day with sweet heart

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

blog first,back from Genting and finish bathing,tired=((((

crowded of people and cars, i did nothing there even watch a movie also NO!

the day before reunion dinner, i dated my two sweet heart for movie and shop~

but end up i was the one who bought a lot~~~sweat*

 carine looked so short on that day lol lol lol!!!

watched Ah Beng, rate: 3/5, consider ok soso>< 

cny decoration at pyramid ,can you see the smoke?? hahahhaa...macam yes><

miss malaysia no1

miss malaysia no2

miss malaysia no3 lol my one with smoke see....behind me!

bro and youngest sis! 

oh credit to my sis for taking this nice and natural photo=)))))

i have no much energy and effort to blog as much as i usually do, so i just share you some photos and add up captions@@ my eyes bery bery dry and need for rest>< 

stay tune for my next post~ gong xi fatt cai!

cross eyes cross eyes!!

QQ Snowmix,Sri Petaling

Saturday, 21 January 2012

i have to blog have to blog!! ytd was too tired so sorryyyyyy

the weather of last few days was so hot, almost melt walking under the bright sun!

thought that i got few vouchers of QQ Snowmix which purchased from Jicocity=)

thx god! this website helps me save money on every deals (beauty,hair care,car accessories,hotels, meals......)!!!!! have a look and purchase the vouchers before others grab all of them><

i invited my colleagues to join me , too bad jus one person was with me @@

nvm, we still had fun!

the shop located at Sri Petaling which just 15min(estimate) from my college( Subang)

without a doubt, we order immediately after reached~~~ (just too thirsty) 

a lot of choices....erm....which to order????

waiting and playing~


yeah finally our turn! this is mine~~~~~~

and his one~ i dont like eating yam><  so i didnt try on his bowl

i still have 4 vouchers left here , one voucher is for two bowls of your pick from 7 choices of Taiwan Top 10 desserts!!

you want???????  easy way to get it, just like my post of this link in my page then email me your detail (name and email address), i will pick up 4 persons and reply you with the voucher=)

email me:

redemption period is from 5th Jan 2012 to 5th March 2012

 more details pls check here (too bad the voucher cant be purchased,it's sold=( )

Gatsby Dance Competition Malaysia

Thursday, 19 January 2012

was invited by my friend to support him in a competition which he was joining on last saturday

he SMS me the address and i got to know that the plc named Neverland and located at KL

honestly i didnt drive to KL personally, fortunately my two sweeties, carine and wuan chin, were with me =)))))))

and definitely we REACHED!!! lol

the first expression of me was like: wtf i am in the club now!

i cant even see who passby me

if u often read my blog, u will know im not a 'clubbing kaki'

i hate the smell of smoke ! dont hate me if u're a smoker k~~~

my stomach was empty since i didnt have neither my breakfast  nor lunch@@ wuan chin and I decided to walk out of it and search for food T.T

we were so unlucky><  the restaurant which beside the club was closed down then we had to walk farther =( sweat********

finally the competition started at around 4pm

our friends were the 6th group out of ten groups of competitors

they entered top 5 without a doubt and had to dance again~

top 5 competitors~~~

they really did well ,i almost cry out because the dance was just too fantastic lol!!!

so i uploaded it to youtube=) BUT!!!! shit!!! two times !i had tried twice to upload it but end up low quality of video wtf@@ gosh !!! angry*******

sorry ti hau>< i promise to upload to vimeo later on ~

too bad they got number 2>< why? ask the judge then==

anyway, you guys did a good job! well done ya!!!

*credit to wuan chin who helped me to take photos^^

can you believe that was my dad's socks>< lol wahahahahahahaha (recycle wei!)

after that went for dinner with Shino(brithday celebration), very simple ><

it named ma maison(goggle it to find its location), a french restaurant~

we were quite surprised when there was no one inside , just one waiter and chef lol omg

but we were too too hungry so , stepped in =)))))

ordered our food and we waited almost one hour for food serving, be patient when having meals at french restaurant. ^^

this snails (escargot) are taste better than the previous which eaten at cafe cafe , this post

 his food~

 mine! but i cant even finish half of it@@ mean? worth??

dessert- choc mousse!!!!! this i could finish =)))))))))

happy birthday (earliest one!) wish you earn more and more money( this is what he wanted at all lol)

lastly, a big kiss for my readers , happy chinese new year ya=))))))) get more ang pow as well huhu~~

* blog again by tmr!!!! many to share=)))