i told you that i would like to have a simple celebration on christmas eve

ya, very simple until 8.00pm ~~~ 

i changed my mind just a blink of eye=)

we decided to go for movie but when we gonna purchase for movie ticket then i said: wait, dont book it first, i afraid that i will change my mind tomorrow

so once i spoken out these words, it became a fact=)

after going to night market , i started to make up and change clothes.......

the worst thing was: i forgotten to bring my eyelashes glue!!!!!!! oh no!!!@@ i cant stick my fake eyelashes T.T 

where we went??

i guess you know where it is=) genting !

freaking cold outside i cant even stand there for 1 minute=(

so indoor is still the best temperature

my hair was so so So ugly seriously i hate my hair!! stand for one week time to change my hair style ><

yeah~3-2-1...merry christmassss


starbucks also full-filed by people hard to find a place to sit and and rest 

i look short here???? no idea~~

knitted cap: taiwan ( didnt use it since the day i bought it frm taiwan><)
outer: forever 21
blouse: boutique at Bdr Puteri (i forgotten the name)
high-waist short: my mum's short ( it has been more thn 10 years lol , but quality still BEST )
socks: MNG
high heels: shoe O.....( donnoe how to speel it out, just inside asian avenue in Sunway P)
bag: charles & keith

get these "surprisingly" ^^  dior perfume always my choice!

get these two cute christmas from two little cute girls=)  surprise that they given me christmas gifts (drop tears**)

too bad i didnt take picture with them yesterday as they were taking bath whn i left><

again, Merry christmas!!

one more thing! 
winners for hair extensions:
curly pony: Charmaine Soo
straight pony: venna goh
one pc: sabrina lee