i quit from my blog again,for few daysss

sorry im just lazy to take photo >connect camera with my pc through cable> copy photo and paste in my file> open PS and edit photo

edit photo doesnt mean that changing my original look to ANOTHER PRETTY LOOK  but just adjust the light and color tone kay~~ sometime i use clone stamp to remove pimple scar on my face T.T

ytd went to pyramid again, wit my sis and bro

had been a long time we didnt hang out together for movie=(

"Petaling street" , funny movie ~rate 2stars><

noise photos..... lousy photographer @@

trying to act naturally but failed==

my fringe is getting longer yeahhhh~~

oufit of the day
top: online
short: teetoo
bag: MNG
heels: IOI sales clearance 

people comment ask about which online shop i often buy from, just few i think (1,2,3,4 ...)

im going to share with u one of my favor online shop soon.... SOON

stay tune and pls love my blog as well

photo taken by super leng lui   suetying

im still waiting for the photos^^

even she is not a pro one but she did her best(i know it)

girl always know girl best angle!yea~