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what a blogger needs?(i)

Saturday, 31 December 2011

i have been joining blogspot for one year(i used before this)

i like sharing my life with people, sharing tutorials which i think it is useful =)

wait, before starting my topic today, do you notice that i change my layout of my bloggie???

i used half day to "read through" the new version of templates, end up fail@@

btw, im using the old version , that's why i cant show you how to do this and that for your blog.

i think most of bloggers using the new one =(((((((((

finally i put a like button on every article successfully >< if you wanna ask :why you put it? then my answer will be: because i want people support my post!lol!

it is true, the first thing a blogger needs is "support"

i used to think that i wrote a long long story but end up i just get zero response???

could you imagine how sad it is??  i am telling my real feeling here...........

it is not easy for a blogger to do a tutorial, take photos in right angle,use nice camera, learning to adjust the  shit ISO....things just to snap a good quality photo@@

it is still not the final there, editing photo in photoshop, add some text, resize...........

after that explain clearly step by step in post! sometime it will make a blogger crazy when it comes in sudden --------blackout and nothing is saved!!!!! (luckily now blogspot has the automatic save function )

so , try to imagine it is really not an easy job kay=)

even the amount of my readers are increasing , but i dont like checking my "stat" (how many people view my blog today,and where they get known of my blog...)

pls, i need to beg you shit! yup, please guys,, at least give me a comment or a like if you think that you enjoy reading my every single post^^  a response  is considered support to me^-^

it will not waste how much of your pretty time( 1-2min errr......)

another thing need your help, i have to increase number of fans in my facebook page, could you pls lend me a hand by sharing my page link on your wall( innocent face**)

i promise i will work harder on my postsSSS, weeeeeee, thank you very much!

here i stop, writing too long .......i hope to continue writing though lol

and PLEASE dont hate me of begging you to support me =) good nite good nite and happy new year! BIG KISS*******

new hair colour=)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

finally im home=) 

have been waiting for today for weeks 

i was afraid that i couldnt make it because i felt sick ytd =((((((((

fortunately,god bless me hoho

i have made an appointment at 5.00pm with Yoshi(mid valley) -the owner of number76 

i guess everyone who always read people blogs will noticed that famous bloggers blogged about number76 last week, right?

i decided to change my hair colour away( it was too dark for me) 

since Yoshi said that i cant have my hair extensions by today so i just dye for my hair!

when i reached, there was quite numbers of customers but the staff still serve me patiently

* not my breast lol!!! just shadow@@

after that a girl served me to a seat and waited for Yoshi

I told him what colour i prefered and he started to grasp for what i wanted=)

He explain how he gonna and what he gonna do to my hair!( such intimate^^)

seriously, their services are Best! i almost felt to sleep when having hair wash lol
in progress~~~~

Yoshi told me that i need to bleach my hair if i really want a brighter colour

without hesitating,i just said: yes, sure~~~

he asked me in double confirm: are you sure? it will damage your hair!

my answer was still the same hahahahah

since i told you that i want smoother hair, so i do hair treatment once i wash my hair(almost everyday)

yes, my hair is smooth naturally without any rebonding=)

a tip for those who going to dye your hair: 
buy a hair treatment or go for treatment at saloon (if you could afford the prices) everyday like one week before dying your hair

Yoshi showed me that he added collagen powder to the bleaching chemical

oh gosh! my hair is still smooth and smell good even it has breached! !

i cant wait for my hair extensions which will be in the next two weeks=)

i still cant wait for it(hope that it is just tmr=))

i think i look more japanese compare to the previous one yeah=)

CNY is just around, it's time to change your hair style !!

call them and make your appointment! 

if you feel shy like me, you may email them too=)

check for their prices here( affordable for most people and reasonable!)

you may tell them that you're introduced by melissa1010 too^^

good nite peeps!! have a nice day ya=) 

Christmas eve

Sunday, 25 December 2011

i told you that i would like to have a simple celebration on christmas eve

ya, very simple until 8.00pm ~~~ 

i changed my mind just a blink of eye=)

we decided to go for movie but when we gonna purchase for movie ticket then i said: wait, dont book it first, i afraid that i will change my mind tomorrow

so once i spoken out these words, it became a fact=)

after going to night market , i started to make up and change clothes.......

the worst thing was: i forgotten to bring my eyelashes glue!!!!!!! oh no!!!@@ i cant stick my fake eyelashes T.T 

where we went??

i guess you know where it is=) genting !

freaking cold outside i cant even stand there for 1 minute=(

so indoor is still the best temperature

my hair was so so So ugly seriously i hate my hair!! stand for one week time to change my hair style ><

yeah~3-2-1...merry christmassss


starbucks also full-filed by people hard to find a place to sit and and rest 

i look short here???? no idea~~

knitted cap: taiwan ( didnt use it since the day i bought it frm taiwan><)
outer: forever 21
blouse: boutique at Bdr Puteri (i forgotten the name)
high-waist short: my mum's short ( it has been more thn 10 years lol , but quality still BEST )
socks: MNG
high heels: shoe O.....( donnoe how to speel it out, just inside asian avenue in Sunway P)
bag: charles & keith

get these "surprisingly" ^^  dior perfume always my choice!

get these two cute christmas from two little cute girls=)  surprise that they given me christmas gifts (drop tears**)

too bad i didnt take picture with them yesterday as they were taking bath whn i left><

again, Merry christmas!!

one more thing! 
winners for hair extensions:
curly pony: Charmaine Soo
straight pony: venna goh
one pc: sabrina lee

Christmas gifts AWAY!!!

Friday, 23 December 2011
nice photo i noe hahahaha

well, a good news(mayb) for my beloved readers=)

i found that i update my bloggie so frequent hoho, so pls love me kay(innocent eyes***)

i bought a few hair extensions (straight and curl) last week, but i havent touch them even smell them also NO==

i decided to give them out to my readers due to i dont hope to waste them ( they cost me rm60+ )

giving them out (make my readers happy) instead of keeping them in my box is the best solution

let me try on the straight pony tail ~~

first- tie my hair up , see a little pony tail here><

there is a clip (make it more stable on my tail)

nah see easy job just to fasten the ribbon , long pony tail NOW !!hehe

sorry ugly background @@

next, the curly pony tail

last one , one piece hair extension

normally for long hair or medium , you just need one pc

but for short hair like ME, i need two t.t

i didnt measure how long this extension , but it reaches my waist ~~

here the result of wearing it=)

hahhaha...i just want to share this photo aiksss><

1. tag me and share my page melissa1010 on your wall , something like : join melissa's page!
2. printscreen or send me the link through email:
3. send along your details( name, address and handphone) & which hair extension you want(straight pony,curly pony, one pc extension)

something you need to know: pay your own rm6 postage!

remember send to

of course you guys will feel curious why i buy them and never use on them??
hehe, i dont need them anymore------------ im having hair extensions on my real hair SOON!!
very happy now=)

see you!

merry christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2011
see the two little diamonds?? lol

Christmas is just around,everyone started to post about it two weeks ago

i used to celebrate Christmas eve at Sunway Pyramid but this year, i just want a simple celebration

i dont have to think what to wear? What make up? i often do that because i don want to same as others

i always want to be a special one>< you too right?

christmas look?? red red red......

red lips doesnt suit on me t.t look weird

this hair style ...erm... very FUNNY i mean gao siu ,i dont even dare to walk out like this hahahhaah

i just want to try different thing ( lena and Mitsuki had this hair style in vivi mag)

this pic not look alike me , bigger eyes (no ps on it k) the power of make up=)

wish you guys merry christmas and have more fun on it! 

last picture to share! i love it=)


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

i quit from my blog again,for few daysss

sorry im just lazy to take photo >connect camera with my pc through cable> copy photo and paste in my file> open PS and edit photo

edit photo doesnt mean that changing my original look to ANOTHER PRETTY LOOK  but just adjust the light and color tone kay~~ sometime i use clone stamp to remove pimple scar on my face T.T

ytd went to pyramid again, wit my sis and bro

had been a long time we didnt hang out together for movie=(

"Petaling street" , funny movie ~rate 2stars><

noise photos..... lousy photographer @@

trying to act naturally but failed==

my fringe is getting longer yeahhhh~~

oufit of the day
top: online
short: teetoo
bag: MNG
heels: IOI sales clearance 

people comment ask about which online shop i often buy from, just few i think (1,2,3,4 ...)

im going to share with u one of my favor online shop soon.... SOON

stay tune and pls love my blog as well

photo taken by super leng lui   suetying

im still waiting for the photos^^

even she is not a pro one but she did her best(i know it)

girl always know girl best angle!yea~

easy way to wear a wig=)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011











wedding day

Sunday, 4 December 2011





华人习俗女方一定会有“姐妹”, 距离上一次参加的婚礼已经有3年了




谢谢daddy mummy的养育之恩~~~







她好小姐喔>< 3点40分才从厕所出来~~~














这张全家福是包包帮我们拍的=) 她和我坐在同一桌嘛~




以后我结婚做buffet dinner好了,酱子的华人餐宴好麻烦