eeee....very cute slipper ~~~~

I'm still collecting my shooting photos, so stay tune for BOOM pictures=)

my new Sem started this week, ops it doesn't really start.

we are still busying for enrollment and make payment.

the thing i want to complain is the system of Inti college.

totally ==

yesterday today but i didnt done my enrollment!!! 

they say i havent clear my payment for last last Sem, what a big joke?????

if i didnt pay, how i sit for final????? REALLY BIG JOKE LA !!!

well tomorrow is holiday,any suggestion instead staying home???

YES! well-known furniture seller------IKEA

The 2012 IKEA Catalogue is out!! 
It will arrive at the doorsteps of all households in the Klang Valley ,and all 376 pages of it! So look out for it at your home. Between, i get MINE=)

 IKEA has also made the catalogue accessible online , so you can view it anywhere! 

 To see the full range of new products, styles, inspiration and solutions for small spaces

visit HERE

i sure you will enjoy shopping there^^