× stealing this photo from sean=) This pose is what they call "Bachilization"

A very long time didn't back to my bloggie

such a boring blog i think it is><

apologize to my readers who always support my blog

well ytd i went to Bukit Cahaya again with my friends.... i swear, i'm implementing my diet and exercise plan right now. since i say that i need to be slimmer

 very cold here~~
super comfort if you come in after sweating,BEST!

unfortunately it started to rain whn we were deciding to continue to another part==

 u-jin acting cute yerrrrr

 *from sean again

no choice, we seek a shelter from the rain

stayed there for 30 min more

After having lunch, we went to jin's house. finally we have an eave for gambling lol@@

my favor - cho dai di=)

i love his house, so JIN, invite us to your house for overnight whn you parents going for vacation hahahahaahh OPS><


actually ytd was my mummy's birthday too

i have record a video few days ago and bought a present too

we went for dinner (Japanese food) which located at old klang road

a nice bokeh effect on my face weeeee

mini melissa VS big melissa

he is such a good actor, this is the reason why he has a lot of admirers. 

the left one is my younger sister and the right one is my youngest one. the youngest one and also the fattest too hoho * so slap me =)

spot the pink shirt man beside me? he is fat man ~~my mum always call him fei lou

this is my mummy

 my food 

this prove that the food really delicious~~

due to some technical problem, i just can show the video to mummy through laptop in the car while going back home.

she cried, nope, drop tears........ yes! means that it's touch =)

anyway , we love her much~~~~

the outfit of day all from my own boutique