Friday, 5 September 2014

20 facts that you might not know about me !

Hello my long lost blog ! The 20 facts tag is on trend now and I've been tagged by few friends,  * yeah finally someone tagged me so I can throw my real shit out! *

1. I am Hokkien, but my ability to speak and understand Hokkien is only 50%.

2. I have two younger sister and one youngest brother, obviously I'm the eldest.

3. I'm 167.5cm but most of the time I tell everyone I'm 168cm because it sounds closer to my dream height which is 170cm LOL .

4. I HATE durian but I love Chao taufu XD

5. Each time after touching anything apart from my own stuff , I will wash my hands completely clean. I just want to make sure my hands are always CLEAN. If bf touched anything that I think is dirty, I will ask him to wash his hands first before holding my hand. 

6. I love horror movie A LOT but every time watching it I will close half of my eyes / use something to block half of my version !

7. I have unbalanced double eyelids, my double eyelids are natural one.

8. I'm more into western fashion now and my favor magazine is Vogue. 

9. My panties are mostly T-back, because I love T-back !

10. I prefer dessert to be my main course. I can't live without chocolate. 

11. I'm a super lazy person, but when I get thing done, I want it to be perfect !

12. I have a bias (towards  / against) handsome & rich boy !!!!! 

13. I don't club and I don't drink, unless any special celebration invited by friends. 

14. I won't fart in front of anyone including my family, my brother used to tell my mum: mummy, I don't think da jie ( sister ) able to fart because I didn't smell her fart before LOL.

15. My favourite color is BLACK ( it used to be pink hehe ), because black can match everything.

16. My surname is Poh, in Chinese is 傅. My chinese name was : 傅淑仪, then changed it to 傅诗喻 when I was 10. Well, I dont like people calling me my chinese name because it sounds like 死鱼 (dead fish ==!), just call me Melissa will do. 

17. I hate my teeth and I want to go for Invisalign someday!

18. I'm not into Kpop, but I watched my very first korean drama,‘My Love from the Star' , last month due to boringness. Yet I never fell for Do Minjun lollllll 

19. I have a 7-stitches scar under my chin since I was 7. 

20. I'm major in Marketing & International Trade and this semester is my last one *clap clap* . 

Saturday, 9 August 2014


突然有感而发,今天没课,不无聊,我上上网,不是刷面子书,而是处理订单 做做功课 ~

在这里的生活, 的确平静很多,观点和思想是有点不一样了,  远离事事非非让我整个人也不同起来. *是多了很多正面思想* 所谓的大人做大事就是做好自己不计较.
想想以前的自己,偶尔会偷笑 : 我怎能那么幼稚? 多么想删除记忆 !!!!

人生啊, 总是要经历一些不愉快的事 才会珍惜美好时刻

你们认识的我,或许是照片上的我/ 现在的我/ 以前的我/ 别人口中的我/ 你们用想像力想出来的我.....

无论是怎样的我, 我还真的没关系, 以前总在乎别人怎么想, 怕别人不知道我有的东西, 就猛在炫耀这个那个, 吃个什么西餐中餐南餐北餐也要拍一   买件衣服包包也怕别人看不到品牌  盲目跟潮流单品(连品牌故事都不知道却买了当季商品 咳!)   还有明明很美时却做作地放个-今天很丑,  的标题!啊, 受不了我自己==!

昨天还有一个念头, 想想我是不是应该关闭这部落格,ok结论是我没打算关掉, 因为。。。。

以前写部落格的原因是我爱分享爱炫耀爱面子 (现在也爱面子啦XD),单纯为了写部落格而写.  渐渐的, 我发现它能挣点钱 能得到喜欢的赞助产品, 而把这部落格当成生意的道具. 就算用到自己不喜欢的产品 还是要推荐, 曾经顾客付了钱 要我写一篇保养品的博文, 那产品还真的害我不浅, 花了不少时间和金钱才不让皮肤继续敏感下去 , 哭********

不怕被讨厌地说, 部落客斗心勾角不输演艺圈, 你们看的或许并不是真实的. 拼了命想红的, 靠拉拢关系  靠假账号自己推荐自己  靠买Followers  靠修图(我也是!) 靠做作的( 我曾经是!).........   明明没有却装有的多不胜数呀咳...........

可是也不是说没有真心朋友, 说好了是真心朋友 就是真的用心在交的朋友=)

所以 答应自己不逼自己打不喜欢的博文以后只推荐真心喜欢的产品给大家=) 我还有2篇合作文还没发,我会分享自己的用后心得而不是猛夸产品啦 嘻嘻嘻 .

我太多废话了, 废话完毕! 不喜欢这文章或不喜欢我的可以绕道, 我不需要负能量哟!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

I'm back and time to go !

Dare not to login to my blog and check out the stat !! I know some of you have been waiting for my updates , sorry to disappoint you =((((((((

I just want to update you guys about my life. I back to Msia on 18 Jun 2014 and I'm going back to Melbourne this coming Sunday ( 20/7/14) . No lie , I still prefer Malaysia because all my family and friends are here.

Maybe you're trying to say I can make friends there..... but I cant get a true friend there, get it??? hehehe

I gave parents a surprise by telling them a wrong date of my arrival and no doubt it was succeed!! Feel so good seeing my family and we can fool each other EVERYDAY !

Youngest brother is so tall now but still I can bully him!

I'm home most of the time as I dont want to make up =( I wish my baby skin can be back as soon PLEASE , it's mad looking into mirror and see my worst skin condition due to unbalanced hormone , I CRY I CRY T.T  Understand my feeling please =(
Went to visit DRX clinic and hope they can cure my skin, *seriously pray hard*.

Not forget to mention my baby Mango, she's still as petite and weighing like 1kg. The most obedient puppy I ever had hahahaHAHAHA She knows where to pee pee & poo poo ( toilet ) , not biting anything , sit & stand, shake hands, and she knows how to pretend dead when I use my hand to shoot her LOLLLL

like this ! Dare not to move and stay in this position !

Most importantly, I GAINED WEIGHT !!!!! Or I should say I gained fat as my weight is still remaining like 48 49kg but I can feel that my tummy is getting bigger like pregnant woman ! Mummy and sister said that too wtf no more supper after this ==!

Went to Penang last week with family and Hippo. We love Penang so much especially the FOOD !

top from OneZero10 , NEW ARRIVAL updated ! 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

DIY your RIPPED Jeans/ Jegging within 10 minutes !

Hello all dearies, I just finished my first exam paper ytd and it was one of the toughest subjects I took so far. So I was hiding myself in the room and studied for the whole past week. Apparently I had less updates in my social media platforms. Today I'm free a lil bit and squeezed some time for my blog before I start preparing the next paper. 

image source from 

I aware that ripped jeans is on trend and I personally love it so much as it simply makes us look fashionable by adding few rips in the fabric. Ok la I'm cheapskate giam siap enough to DIY it myself rather than buying it from retail store. 

Baseball jacket from OneZero10 | random sleeveless basic | ripped legging from online store | skater shoes from random store in Melbourne

After seeing so much of ripped jeans tutorials from online , I had the idea to DIY it my own. The victim jegging I used was the latest jegging I bought in Melbourne. The price was cheap so I had the heart to rip it lol lol lol

Simplest ways to achieve the ripped result ! 

What you need : Scissors/ blade , Nail file / sandpaper block , a cap of container / cutting board

How to cut : 
- Place the cap/ board under one side of the jeans to avoid the back being slashed
Draw a line on where you want the rip to be . You can draw as much , I started mine above the knee. 

How to rip:
For jeans:
- Slash the line horizontally.
- Scrape off the jeans by blade/sandpaper block to reveal the threads.
- Repeat step 1,2,3 for other sections.

For jegging:
- Cut the hole according to the line you drawn.
- Rough it up with the nail file/ sandpaper block until the threads are revealed.
- Repeat step 1,2,3 for other sections.

This is the outcome of mine ( not what I expected but still ok....) , I bet jeans can have better result!! So go try on your old jeans maybe?

Hope this tutorial helps =)

Saturday, 31 May 2014

My baby is launched!

May 28, 2014

Im typing this post in advance before OneZero10 is officially launched! My final is on 3/6/14 so I need to have enough time to prepare for it. Somehow I haven't started flipping my books or notes .....

As post title, my baby is launched! Recalling the first time I tried to earn some pocket money by selling clothes through Facebook ( the page was Miitoo ) , it was 3 years back and it was the first time I met babe Lumi during the photoshoot for Miitoo.

Not forget to mention that I was still a little girl who had worst finance management and zero business concept in my brain. Fortunately it had been closed down and I deleted the page !

Hippo started the idea asking me to establish OneZero10, where I had no prediction it will be an official website like NOW ! And, Hippo and his mum do constantly give me a lot of suggestions and business rules that I should keep in my mind.  * drop tear * seriously, thank you Hippo and mummy Angie ! I dont know what else I can say ........

pale looking face + teary eyes before mummy sending me off in airport

Another important person is my mum, the one who never gave up on me at all ! Due to I'm now in Melbourne, my mum is the one who helps me to check every batch of stock and make sure all items are in good condition. And yes, even my both sisters help me too! Younger sister is the one who helps me to pack and send parcels each day !!! They didnt ask anything in reward, and I seriously feel guilty and touched !

Then, my model- Lumi Chuah ! She's not only my model but also consultant.  She asks her Pups, brother and even maid to take photos for OneZero10. LOLLLLLLLLLLL you never knew how much fun conversations between us in everyday *laugh out loud*  I know it's not easy to accept this task but she did.  Sincerely say THANK YOU to you babe !

nah she told me she stood up above the stonewall to take picture one

the outcome !!! So prettttaaayyyyyyyyyyyy PS://  thank you Lumi's KAKAK! Bila saya balik Msia , saya belanja you makan ok ! 

I need to show my love to my web developer , Pei Shan , as well ! She did great job in designing the whole website within a short period of time. She never failed to answer my questions and completed my request on time . I personally think that I have asked her too much of questions hmm..... For those who're interested in hiring a web developer/ designer, you can consider her !!!
Her Facebook :
Her blog:

Also, appreciate my blogger friends who willing to lend me their hands by giving a shoutout for OneZero10 !!! I always remember who you are =))))))))

wtf wait, is this Award Ceremony ...... lol lol lol

okokok last but not least, thank you all customers who have been supporting OneZero10 from the start ! We promise to improve day by day serve you better =))))))))))))))

Something for my fellow readers, key in " Mel1010 " during checkout and you will get 5% off + FREE shipping ! * NO minimum spend *  Due date: 14-6-14  

Also, if you spend Rm150 and above , you can get Rm10 off + FREE shipping !! Code : OneZero10 

Happy shopping !!!

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