Monday, 14 April 2014

Fashion Diary #4 & New template !

IF IF IF IFFFFFFF , I mean if , you're my loyal reader, you must be noticing I have privatised my blog for a week+ ........

It's ok if you never noticed that lollll

Not beating around the bush, Im sharing my outfits again as usual !

The weather here in Melbourne is getting colder and chilly, which drives me crazy because I can't wear sleeveless, off shoulder top, like how I supposed to dress up during Spring/Summer ==!

Comparing both Malaysia & Melbourne's weather, I prefer Msia's !!!!!!! bear with me, I love bright sun =))))))))

Wait a moment, have you noticed any changes to my blog? I designed a new template for it hehehe~~ this is the reason why you could not access my blog for the pass week =))))))) give me some comment pls !

It was few weeks back when the weather was still warm enough for me to wear dress like this .

and I plucked someone's flower to match my Spring theme shooting haha

Pairing with black boots from

Trust me, we girl should at least have one maxi skirt in our wardrobe !

#topshop crop top | #OneZero10 School Daze skirt | #stevemadden bag | #happy2u shoes

Check print is still on the trend ! It is a dress but the weather was cold so I matched it with white pants !

#Zara coat | #OneZero10 My Check dress  | #H&M platform | #Jaspal transparent bag

This can be a dress for petite girl whom is < 160cm !! From OneZero10

#topshop high neck top | #OneZero10 Checkered skirt | #happy2u boots

It was yesterday ! I went for a bus trip to Philip Island with ISA ( International Student Association) from my Uni. really had much of fun and Im gonna blog about it so yay.....

#H&M denim | #mummy's high neck black top | #OneZero10 School Daze skirt ( i really love it !!!) | #topshop stripe socks | #happy2u boots

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

5 ways to achieve great photos ( from boyfriend! )

Hey yo , how was your day? Im still rushing all assignments and preparation for presentation ( Im poor in presentation ) yet chill for a while to blog =)))))))

I received plenty of comments from you guys saying that....

" Your boyfriend is so professional!! "

                     "  Your #OOTDs photos always nice "

                                              "  I wish my boyfriend can be as pro as yours "


Im glad to hear all sweet words and I will take them as compliment !!!

Ya, let me admit that Hippo has improved a lot in helping me to take photos (compared to two years back*recalling......shit! forget about it*)

I should apologise to him that I used to angry with him when he could not take the perfect photo that I wanted (ok ok I know I was bad >< )  What his reaction will always be: no, pls let me try more ...... ( * me haunted by guilt* )

How to make sure your boyfriend could take nice photos for you? 

(1) Influence him to have the passion towards photography. (if he loves photography, he will dead trying to take the best photo for you! ) But it's not necessary to get an expensive camera, a semi-pro or mobile phone will do !

(2)  Ask him which angle of yours is the best/ tell him which angle of yours is the best ( Im pretty sure most of you take #selfie right.... you should know your best angle).

(3)  Right background ! ( If you're a beginner, try to avoid messy/crowded background) You may first try to get a plain & clean background (  pure white or not more than 3 colors) .

(4) Bright lighting . ( poor lighting will lead to high ISO mode and photo outcome will be blurred out ).

(5) From low angle. Taking photo from lower angle will produce slender body shape (long legs!!!) that's why I always tell you " angle! angle ! angle!! "  

However, Hippo doesnt take great photos in every single shot lol lol lol
And today Im gonna show you how terrible are those shots , you can laugh out loud , but dont vomit ......

Hello boyfriend, I dont look fine here why legs so fat and short ><

Sharp face me LIKE! 

What expression is this you tell me.....

people told me I look like a goddess here HAHAHA




because they never knew how I look at the "behind scene" LOLLLLL  

omg boyfriend am I look that fat in real >< 

you seeeeeee........ like princess neh !!

eh boyfriend, my neck so round and fat?  no gap between my face and neck one huh?

So far, here's my collection of March and I cant wait for April's =) 

Well , ending my post with this super epic photo from Hippo !  hehe hope you enjoy my post ! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

If you gonna question me " How are you Mel in Melbourne? ", read this............

I miss my blog!!!!!!!! Not sure about you but i found that my blog is getting boring day by day ....... (full of review, review, and reviews only...)

Feel like ignoring what happen in the social media sites, blogging atmosphere..... I only want to care of my family, friends, and country (of course my loyal readers as well!!!!!!!!!! ).

Honestly speaking i used to regret for being here , because my life here is not as best as in Malaysia , especially when it comes to house work, meals.

I never washed my clothes all the time at home, mummy says leave it to maid because I will only make thing worst ( I know her actual reason ..... ). I never cooked (even rice ) , and i need not to do any housework. * I know you want to slap me *

The first week here was terrible , reaction happened on my body and i didn't know what the hell caused it ><

disgusting right wtf ==

It happened everyday in the first two weeks!! yes everyday in different part of my body (luckily not face hell ya ) ! 
End up i went to Pharmacy and bought some allergy medicine. Fortunately it does worked !!! 

Due to boringness, my main entertainment here is COOKING ! wa you know i never dreamt of it before ok..... lolllll 
Hippo supposed to be the cook but I replaced him *clap clap * 
I refer to online recipes and add in my own ( i randomly add one actually....)

Show you a part of my cooking .........

Yes, we ( me and hippo ) usually cook at home , first method to save $$$! however we like discovering nice food in city too =)

As i mentioned above, I used to regret for studying here. Yes i do miss Malaysia a lot , and a lot..... No doubt tear dropping from my eyes once I think of my family, my both puppies, my friends ~~~~

After staying here for weeks, I should admit I like this place. 

Friendly people
I love how the people interact with each other. They greet you first " How are you?" ( even we never met before)  And this is what seldom happened to most of Malaysian ( including myself). 

* However not everyone is as friendly though because i met people who racist >< and that was bad experience =( *

 Nice weather 
I get to wear boot, beanie, long sleeve, sweater, coats, etc...  without concerning the weather! This was my dream since I was a little girl hehehe~~ I used to envy those people who live/ study abroad because all the Winter collections are so nice!!!!!!!! Agree??? 

Sometimes the weather is killing me though LOLLLL *slap again * 
I went to Beach Out Day with other International students one day and the dress code was : bikini, swimwear  .

Purposely bought a bikini but didn't manage to wear it like summer time wtf == the weather was cold that day like 16 C , and the wind was strong fml......... kept shivering like nobody but it was an awesome day for me! (at least a great experience !)

 Nice background for #OOTD
So the moon is rounder in abroad?? *What Chinese usually say* meaning everything is greater in abroad llllllll

Perhaps the weather is nice so it makes me feel like photo-shooting . I will bring my camera around if I were going to city or somewhere else except college. 

I can easily find a place to take picture and the outcome is always awesome ! Oh ya not forget to credit my awesome boyfriend also hehe
For examples.........

The tougher the life, the stronger I am 
I need to handle most of things by myself , aint complaining to mummy anymore (or i should say I dont wish my parent to worry of me ). I need to learn the best way to survive, and the way to communicate with different people. 

Also, after being tutor for 4 years (from 18-21) and earning myself, currently i have no job and need to get pocket money from parent again. Honestly i feel ashamed of that =(((((((( 

I cant shop frequently , spending money $$ is a fear to me now !!

Yet i know this journey will take me to a greater life , better vision ,and a better woman in future. 

Ok hope my blogpost doesn't make you feel boring , bye bye and good night =)