Monday, 15 December 2014

Shimmering in this Christmas with Ooh & Aah !

I thought this month is my unlucky month but it isn't. Everything goes well and my Santas came to me earlier this year. Ooh & Aah is one of my Santas!

I've purchased few products from them previously and they never disappoint me each time, such great service ! If you wish to get the latest Korean products especially cosmetic, Ooh & Aah will be your first choice =)

Here're what I got from Ooh & Aah but I will only be using few to complete my look.

I bet you can see the different even though I did apply Tinted Sunscreen from DRx , concealer + brows in the left photo. 

Not beating around the bush, let us start now!
This is how my eyes look like by using the products from Ooh&Aah .

YES without mascara nor fake eyelashes!!

Eye shadow

1-2 Using BBIA S&S #03 to blend over your eyes (as picture above).
3-4 Using BBIA S&S #04 for some shading at the end part of eyes (as picture above).
5-6 Using BBIA Pigment #13 for shimmering eyes look ! I blend it by my fingernail (careful when you pour the pigment into the cap
7    Using BBIA Pigment #13 as well for lower eyes area.

Eye make : 

- BBIA Shade & Shadow  #03 , Link to purchase: HERE
- BBIA Shade & Shadow #04 , Link to purchase:  HERE
- BBIA Pigment #13 , Link to purchase : HERE

Not forget to mention that, the shadow #04 can be used for eyebrows as well ( babe Lumi did that hehe ). I personally love the pigment so much as it can glam up your eyes in few seconds **bling bling**


1-4 Using BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner #20Jazz (natural dark brown), draw a fine line and focus more at the end of eyes.
5-6 Using BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner #V5 as highlighter, draw it on the front part of eyes.

Eye make:
- BBIA Last Auto Gel #Jazz20
- BBIA Last Auto Gel #V5

Eyeliner #Jazz20 is now my favor and I highly recommend this eyeliner to all of you if you're looking for waterproof, last longer , smudge-proof eyeliner!!!!!!!!! I simply love the brown color which can create more natural & soft looking =)

Contact Ooh & Aah to purchase.

close up !


1-3 Using BBIA Downy Cheek #03 which close to orange pinkish color! 

The color is natural enough and matches my yellowish skin tone =) 

Contact Ooh & Aah to purchase.


- Using 3CE Creamy Lip Color #12MEME!
- Blot with tissue then apply one more layer again.
-  Apply BBIA Last Auto Gel #V5.

Honestly speaking, this lipstick is more moisture than my previous 3CE lipstick and it can be used by itself without any lipgloss!

3CE Creamy Lip Color #12MeMe! Link to purchase: HERE

recent favor lipstick as well hehe~~~ Using #BBIA Last Auto Gel #20Jazz in these photos.

Taddaaaaaa we're done! Some closeup photos of the make up!

It depends what party/outing /dinner you heading to, here are what I could think of to best match my make up =)

If you prefer cuter look, try steps below...........

Cleaner eye make like this ! 

- Draw a heart shape by using BBIA Last Auto Gel #20Jazz
- Use brush/fingernail to apply BBIA Pigment #07 to fill the heart-shape.

- BBIA Last Auto Gel #20Jazz Contact Ooh & Aah to purchase.
- BBIA Pigment #07 Link to purchase : HERE

Lipstick & blusher are the same as previous look!

Which look is your favourite ? hehehe

For more awesome Korean products, do visit Ooh & Aah 

Friday, 12 December 2014

My skin condition update + journey with DRx Clinic

It has been so long I didn't talk about my skin condition.  Recalling last time when I was still in and always shared about skin care tips, I miss that moment !!!! My skin was close to perfect (yes friends said my skin was like baby skin). 

Due to my skin got worst after attending college, I rarely wanted to open my heart to talk about "skin care". I just feel so low self-esteem, I believe some of you whom have the same problem will feel me =( 

My skin got even worst when I was in Melbourne. Initially I thought it was due to my food intake so I tried to eat clean.
= No fried no chocolate no spicy = Fruits ( strawberry/ apple/ kiwi ) everyday = 
However there was no much improvement and my skin still breaking out like nobody. 

How worst?
You must have no idea how bad my skin was: big pimples kept popping out, unclogged pores, dry skin, serious scars...........


No photoshop but with make up + light soft skin mode, you can see how serious my skin condition was, even soft skin mode could not help much T.T

Sorry if I scare you away ......

Started to heel 

My skin only started to turn better when I back to Msia during my Semester break in June. I always envy babe Lumi's skin and she knew I felt bad on my skin too. Eventually, she brought me to DRx Clinic and this was how my journey with DRx begun! 

My first visit to DRx Clinic in June 2014. 

Dr.Chiam suggested me to take medicine to fasten the healing process.  Taking medicine was a nightmare for me as I used to take medicine in few years back but it made my skin terribly dried out x.x 

Surprisingly the medicine that doctor gave me didn't cause any serious reaction =)
FYI, I have been taking the medicine (2 kinds) for 6 months and I tried to reduce the intake since 2 months ago. 

Acnes were being reduced slowly (don't expect immediate recovery if you have serious acne problem), and this photo is with make up. Big pimples were mostly reduced but still seen-able unclogged pimples.   

My skin was still in dry condition when I was in Melbourne as I finished using my products in October. My sensitive skin isn't allowing me to simply try other products as well ><

Current skin condition

By now, my skin is really much better, at least looking softer and smoother, less breaking out! Photos taken below are zero photoshop.

left: 25 June 2014 zero make up  ; right: 10 Dec 2014 with DRx Tinted Sunscreen + brows

left: 25 June 2014 zero make up  ; right: 10 Dec 2014 with DRx Tinted Sunscreen + brows

ME highly recommend their Tinted Sunscreen which giving you a dewy korean skin without foundation !!!!!!! Babe Lumi loves it too =)))))))))) 

Texture of Tinted Sunscreen.

Range of products of mine. You will be recommended by different products according to your skin condition. 

The first bottle is almost empty and I'm getting another bottle. This mask is a mask that I can't live without!!!!! Something like clay mask and I usually tap it on pimples overnight ( yes you can do this! )

Selfie in DRx Clinic! With no foundation but Tinted Sunscreen + concealer.

with my babe during our visit to DRx last week!

I'm really appreciate that I met DRx and it changed my social life! I became low self esteem and not dare to date my friends out just because of my bad skin condition. I always love meeting friends but worst skin condition hold my step =( 

Thank you DRx Clinic !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm more confident now. I can't wait to share my skin condition update again =) 

Don't hesitate to contact them for appointment and book for consultation, having nice skin is not a dream for me anymore, so do you !! 

Mid Valley
No. 43-G The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 KL
Sri Hartamas
Plaza Damas, N-1-1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

Yes, I'm BACK for good !

Hello my long lost blog! Almost forget I have a blog *spider web everywhere*

Not forget to announce that, I'm finally back to my homeland, Malaysia, for good.  (yeah no more crying at the airport lolll)

Blogging less, sharing less, posting less, doesnt mean that I have boring life in Melbourne. Sometimes I'm just lazy or I think that it's not necessary to share everything on social media, exposing my schedule to everyone wtf I dont need that seriously......

I gain a lot throughout the entire year ( ok it's about 10 months ). Not referring to the knowledge of my course but the experience, principle.

Studying abroad is NOT for that piece of paper(cert), but is about how you can survive in a completely new place with new culture, new law, new lifestyle, new people. 

Most importantly I discovered who's the "real friend" and who's the so called "hi bye friend". Hehehe I dont have to reveal the name, I keep it in my heart =)

And, I found myself. I know what I can do best and what's my weaknesses (of course a lot of improvements can be made, for example not doing thing at eleventh hour, be punctual )

hehe two of the shots by Hippo's mummy, Mummy Angie. Still much to share in my laptop ~

Even though I frequently complained to Hippo that I wanted to go home/ I miss home when I was in Melbourne, yet I didnt regret to make decision to finish my two semesters there. It has been a tough year for us, only for me maybe ... lollll  I'm happy that we still be with each other today.

I know the one who missed me a lot was mummy! I remembered how she hugged me and reminded me to take care and asked Hippo to take care of me....... * ops my tear is dropping now* anyway Im back so the next crying scene would be my wedding day AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Sunday, 19 October 2014


终于能好好坐下来打博文,分享心情. 之前赶报告赶得快崩溃,遇到怠惰的组员很无奈=(


从小妈咪都反对我们有男朋友,说我们是 puppy love (华语是小狗恋爱?不明白~~),可是我从小感情丰富,上小学一年级已经有心上人了,还记得他名字是Vincent,过后我还帮我弟取了Vincent(可是现在没在用了哈哈). 

到了国中,妈咪对我更加严厉,她知道我有个小男友,就连家里电话也不让我碰,朋友打来都得问是谁打来干嘛的. 我也没手机. 怎么说,橡皮筋拉得越紧 反弹时会更疼. 和那小男友在一起应该有3年吧(我记性很好 别得罪我 哈哈 开玩笑)我属于乖巧型女孩(就是那种怕老师怕闹事的,现在想起来我有必要那么乖吗LOL),而小男友是不爱念书爱逃课的学生,现在问我我也不明白怎么会喜欢上他.

爱情就是无法解释的,更何况他是你第一个爱得那么深的人. 尽管老师怎么劝我,我也只会点头说好,也没认真考虑她们的劝告. 当时我只知道他可以为了我改变自己!

我劝他要好好念书,把头发剪短 别逃课, 他没100%配合我,就偶尔敷衍我.

有天,学校拨电话给妈咪,谈了我们的事. 妈咪也告诉了爸爸,爸他很传统 就是觉得男女授受不亲,拿起藤鞭要鞭我;妈咪她立刻阻止:不行,我不让你打她 *脸上还流着泪* (这一幕,我这一辈子没法忘记,我要时时刻刻提醒自己不能再让妈咪为我伤心


尽管这样,我还是无法离开他. 他曾经在朋友面前骂我,在我要考试前发脾气,爱提出分手等等....... 几度我提出分手,他用跳楼自杀威胁我 (我还真的相信 怕了他==!)他几乎不让我和其他男生说话,不让我穿短裤短裙,到补习社会拨电话(拨打我朋友手机)问我穿了什么. 如果是短于膝盖的裤子/裙子,我会被骂><  (天啊!我怎么那么笨告诉他

已经很多次,他对我发脾气,甚至在朋友面前辱骂我,家人把我捧在手掌心你怎么能那样对我, 你不配!


朋友问我会和他结婚吗?我说不会,我深信他不会是我的未来老公,因为他不配. 那为什么还在一起呢?--------不舍.

就是不舍得那么多年的感情,一个我放了那么多心思的男生. 终于有天,他又再次提出分手 恐吓我, 我忍不住 就说:好呀!就分手!

他有点吓着了(我平时不会对他大声),我没理会他,在一旁流着泪. 那段时间,他会拨电话来我家 尝试挽回,我几度想要原谅他,可是我咬紧牙根坚持不复合,因为他不配!



我没后悔!一点也没有! 女生们,记得只要哭过就好了,时间能冲淡一切. 如果几年后回头看,你会发现当时的决定是对的.

当时我还是不明白为什么妈咪常说找男朋友要看好,不要结婚后后悔. 过后也谈过蛮长一段时间的恋爱,妈咪后来也蛮喜欢那男生的,他也承诺会让我过得幸福,我也觉得他可以是我的终身伴侣. 他对我很好,就是那种36孝男朋友. 我对他十分信任,根本没怀疑他.



提出了分手再复合,分手复合好几次,最后发现有些事我被瞒着好久........ 而且还是妈咪告诉我的,当时很多谜底被揭开,我才发现自己被骗了3年之久. 没后悔在一起,他改变了我,为我上了宝贵的一课-------不要没主见地相信一个男人.



他能当个好男友,那他能当个好老公好爸爸好女婿吗?这问题很重要. 如果父母不怎么喜欢那男的,你可要三思;如果妈咪告诉你这男的嫁不得,你可要三思;如果他和家人关系不好,你可要三思;如果对你他也不舍得花钱,你可要三思......... 

“ 男朋友不只是会改变你的Relationship status,而是能让你成长变得更成熟的那个人. 如果他不配当老公,那还留着干嘛?”