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Saturday, 28 May 2016

开始工作,再投入工作,我对部落格这字眼 越来越陌生. 看到朋友们可以一边工作 再一边经营自己的部落格,我真的好佩服!!!!

这段时间想了好多,包括把部落格关掉,是处于放弃的状态 (反正也没人看了啦不会有人记得我了老了啦,etc....) 后来我发现,我是在逃避,逃避不愿面对自己已荒废的部落格,而选择忽视它.

第二次的接发经验 [价钱,地点,建议,感想]

Thursday, 25 February 2016

新年快乐呀大家 虽然已经过了 可是我是在新年间打这篇博文的



对呀 对呀 我真的很讨厌这尴尬的长度

Birthday present for myself - Filler injection @ DrxClinic

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Been abandoning my blog for months and I feel ashame when colleagues around trying to tell others Melissa is a blogger (I was like: NO I don't blog now, haha*laugh awkwardly....)

Sorry sorry sorry, I always wish to have my ME-time whenever I don't need to work, else I will be fulfilling my free time with friends. Yet, my passion towards blogging is still there lol lol lol

Yup, as title, I have my first filler experience. This is the first birthday gift I given to myself *finger crossed*. Alright, reading at this line and someone might be like:

The only thing I hate about Melbourne....

Sunday, 7 June 2015
Back from Melbourne!! In case you have a question mark, I was there for my graduation ceremony =)

Coming back Msia for good and we ( Hippo + I ) always missing Melbourne for 5747838289191999% .......... I really wish I could migrate there in the future =))))))))))

I love everything in Melbourne, but not the weather T.T
The humidity is as low which made my skin really dried off when I was there for a year. View how worst my skin HERE .

日本东京Part 1 食物篇 - 我根本就是恐龙

Wednesday, 6 May 2015
10天的假期过得好快 哭*****从去年就很期待的日本之旅一眨眼就结束了 =(

这10天还好有Samurai Wifi,让我无时无刻分享照片 而且让我们不迷路呢~~


- Unlimited 4G 让我不必担心data 不够用

- 电池好给力! 一整天都不必充电

- 可以让10个devices一起用 和男朋友一起共用很划算嘻嘻

- 不重 放在包包没问题!

日本的Pocket Wifi最低才Rm25一天噢!!是很值得的=)

除了日本,还有台湾 韩国泰国都可以用

可以浏览 知道更多详情!

他们的Facebook 专业:


在日本是不会饿死的,随便711都可以买到食物甜点填饱肚子,想要省钱血拼的你可以在711选择你的早午晚餐 (可是总得慰劳自己吧?)